Loop's Build-a-Box subscriptions are rocking the DTCverse with brands using our customised no-code solution to build stunner bundle PDPs. We show you 3 live examples of these brands and the special ways they have built their bundles with Loop.

3 DIY bundles improving AOV for DTC brands!

Build a box subscriptions are changing how customers buy by letting them create their dream subscription box.

  • Build a box subscriptions have a potential for almost any industry
  • You choose what product customers can add to their box, how many, and at what price
  • Customers have the freedom to make their own selection
  • By adding more product, customers purchase a higher AOV than average with build-a-box

Consider yourself at the right place if you are already running a box subscriptions on your Shopify store or want to set up your subscriptions on Shopify.

Let’s checkout 3 customized no-code builder boxes that are currently powered by Loop Subscriptions!

01. Lilac’s Buy More Save More Box

Bundle type: Buy more, save more.

Migrated from: Recharge

Main challenge:

Subscribers weren’t able to modify their purchased bundles from customer portal leading to poor subscription experience

Custom solution:

Using Loop APIs, Lilac built a customized subscriber portal allowing customers to seamlessly modify bundles while taking care of the dynamic pricing based on the number of eyelashes added in the bundle.

Simply speaking:

Customers can now purchase any number of eyelashes, and as they start adding more eyelashes in their box, the discount they receive will also start increasing.

The modified customer portal also enables easy editing of build-a-box orders however the customer wants. This definitely adds to the post-order purchase experience.

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02. Chime’s Variety Box With Brewer

Bundle type: Chai pack subscription with brewer purchase

Migrated from: Bold

Main challenge

Customers were not able to edit the Chai pack bundle added as a part of the Chime brewer purchase

Custom solution

With Loop’s preset bundles solution, Chime was able to start an edit flow from their cart which takes users to Loop powered Chai packs page, where customers can select any 3 Chai packs as per their choice

Simply speaking

If someone buys a brewer with the Chai subscription, they are redirected to a My Cart page with pre-selected subscription bundles. 

Loop has custom built this page to make sure that the Chai subscription bundle is pre-selected. However if the customer wants, they can freely edit it - just like a build a box setup.

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03. Noxcuses’ Meal Subscription Box

Bundle Type: Meal subscriptions

Main challenge

Noxcuses was selling meals as pre-defined bundles but was not getting enough traction from customers.

Custom solution

We implemented Loop’s DIY bundle subscription on their store and this resulted in a 5x jump in weekly subscription orders

Simply speaking

Noxcuses found other apps too technical for setting up build-a-box and were selling one-time meal bundles with no build-a-box functionality. They chose Loop to start a meal delivery subscription.

With their meal box service, customers can now choose the number and type of food boxes and get it delivered to their homes every week or every 3 weeks. 

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It’s interesting to note that all of these no-code build-a-box pages are optimized for mobile. And it takes less than 7 days to get you up and running with a box subscription page.

With Loop, brands don’t need to involve a developer to build boxes. Our team takes care of the entire process end-to-end. 

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