Build better cancellation playbooks with Loop.

Loop’s cancellation flows drive two key outcomes - memorable cancellation experiences for subscribers and granular evidence of the ‘why’ for merchants


1500+ Shopify Stores Run Successful Subscription Program on Loop

Even cancellations are an experience with Loop

Activate actions that stop cancellations

  • Offer last-ditch discounts right before they hit CANCEL 
  • Conditional actions that plug churn based on the reason. For instance, offer “Product X” as alternative if the selected reason is “did not like the quality”
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Build Typeform-like cancellation surveys

  • A survey builder that brings questions to life. Insert GIFs, videos and rich media that make cancellation surveys an experience. 
  • Comes with conditional logic capabilities (if ‘cancellation response’ is X, offer Y as a solution)
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Get into the weeds of why subscribers are cancelling

  • Comprehensive dashboards around why subscribers are cancelling. 
  • Filter cancellation reports around multiple attributes - SKUs, month, geography et al.

Drive personalized reactivation campaigns 

  • 1-click export of subscribers tagged by cancellation reasons into Klaviyo and Attentive. 
  • Run contextual reactivation campaigns with all the usual personalisation parameters that matter. 
Post-Migration Success Stories
200+ migrated brands have already reduced cancellations by ~25%.

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