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DTC brands favour for personalized cancellation flows, bulk changes to subscription orders, detailed reporting especially churn analytics, and customization using CSS & JavaScript.
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Stay Ai
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(November 2023)
Bulk Actions (Multiple conditions & Logic)
Personalized cancellation flows based on subscriber attributes like  revenue, total orders and more
Box subscriptions with no-code Bundle Builder
Inbuilt Smart Dunning Solution
Easily customize portal using JavaScript & CSS (apart from no-code options)
Not possible without developer
Detailed Analytics - Export reports and subscription-level cohorts
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Successfully migrated a substantial subscriber base from hundreds of Shopify brands

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Advantages of Loop over Stay Ai
when it comes to subscription features

Last updated: 5 November, 2023
Customer Portal
Easily show a rewards banner inside customer portal. Fully customizable.
1-click login for customer portal is enabled with multi-pass authentication.
Build your buy more save more bundles in less than a day.
Select from Range or Fixed bundle type.
Sell bundle as one SKU and unbundle using Loop Flows.
Subscription Gamification
Show rewards inside upcoming order email.
Set up rules to Gift Product A to Subscribers of Product B after x orders
Automatically rewards subscribers on special days- BF/CM & 4th of July
Cancellation Flow
Engage customers with Video or GIF which helps in reducing churn.
Setup multiple alternative actions for different cancellation reason
Offer condition based discounts. Only available for 1-time use. Discounts can be customized for each cancellation reason
Analytics & Reports
Inbuilt trends of customer cancellations & performance of different alternative actions
No support for downloadable reports
Subscription Operations
Auto-update price logic- If the product price changes inside Shopify, then it also changes inside Loop. No double work required
Share customer portal links directly with customers from the Admin.
Create multiple Bulk Actions with conditions. Some popular use-cases during BF/CM: Tag customers, swap SKUs, add higher discounts to a particular product
Quick Action URLs
With BF/CM campaigns on reactivation or engagement, create a smooth experience from email/SMS to customer portal.Authentication is built-in into our Quick Action URL (no login is required)
In-built Dunning
Setup dynamic retries (more than 2). Charge the customer in 2 billing cycles
Take action on the subscription order when the payment doesn't go through- Skip, Delay or Incentivise with rewards
Share table with your team
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How Loop is better?
Monthly pricing
$499 (Monhtly)
$399 (monthly)
Transaction fee
1% + 20¢
No. of Shopify App Store reviews
White-glove onboarding
White Label customer portal
Dedicated Launch Engineering team
Dedicated Customer Experience team
1-click checkout with Shop Pay
Password-less login
Magic Link login
If customer has logged in to the portal then if they just go to login page then they are automatically logged-in (we save session locally)
Conditional cancel flows
Loop is better. More about it in Loop Features
Conditional cancel flow that doesn't require externally hosted app + url
Merge subscription permanently
Split a subscription
Loop provide functionality to enable customers to remove products from subscription for onetime if they dont want them in their next upcoming order. This way, the customer doesnt have to split the subscription and can manage their next order items in the same subscription.
Create subscriptions manually
Multipass support
Gift on skip
Half skip
In-portal banners
Password login
Family plans
Native SMS subscription management
Loop currently replies on Klaviyo, Attentive, PostScript, Recart for SMS integration.
1-time upsells
Quick actions
Loop is better - check quick actions on Loop Features
Prepaid subscriptions
Minimum / maximum number of subscription renewals
Audit logs
Loop is better - check quick actions on Loop Features
Many out of stock policies
Loop has more options to handle OOS.
Out of stock notifications
Supports Klaviyo trigger so you can let customers know if a product is out of stock
Billing windows
Fine-tune day/hour range for billing customers
No-code copy editing
Change any of the text in the subscription portal without calling in a developer
Multi-currency support
Retry failed charges
Set retry intervals, maximum retries, and cancel after # of retries
Custom dunning flows
Send customizable emails/SMS after failed payments with an option to reset payment method
Increase AOV and reduce churn with build-a-box, invite-only while we cover more cases
Volume discounts
Out of the box, pairs well with build-a-box
Sample packs/trials
SKU swapping, native checkout
Surprise and delight
(e.g. free product on order 2)
GraphQL APIs
Klaviyo integration
Gorgias app
Attentive integration
Postscript integration
Source Medium integration
Peel integration
Show rewards banner inside portal
Compare plans & features
Payment Processors Supported
FAQs on Loop as a Stay Ai Alternative
I have a large subscriber base on Stay Ai. How much time will migration take?

Usually most migrations are completed pretty quickly. The answer to this question depends on any complexities faced during the migration. Since we have migrated hundreds of brands, we have already dealt with various situations.

What are all payment providers that you integrate with?

We support the following payment providers: Shopify Pay, Stripe,, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal Express.
In case your payment provider is not listed here, please feel free to get in touch with us and we can further evaluate if we can support them.

Do you support customizations within your app?

Yes! Depending on your use case, we can customise our app to solve complex subscription models. Email us at if you have a custom integration that you'd like to talk to us about.

If you have a custom integration that you'd like to talk to us about.

We integrate with 35+ marketing, loyalty and referral tools- Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, Recart, Smile, Stamped, Peel Insights and more. We also support customer integrations.
Email us at if you have a custom integration that you'd like to talk to us about.

What type of support do you provide during migration and afterwards? 

We do all the work during migration! We setup a Slack channel or coordinate with you over email, online meet (whatever works for you). As far as our support is concerned, it is one of the best in the ecosystem. Happy to make introductions to previous brands migrated for reference check.

Top Stay Ai Alternatives & Competitors 2023
If you’re thinking of other options besides Stay Ai, it’s a good idea to check out similar tools or competitors to find the best subscription platform for you. Subscription billing software is becoming popular in D2C ecommerce, especially as more businesses start using online payment systems and managing memberships.
When looking at other choices besides Stay Ai, remember to compare the different features, how they work with other tools, and how much they cost.

Apart from Loop, we’ve put together a list of other solutions that many people in the industry recommend. This includes well-known names like Recharge Payments, Skio, Bold Subscriptions, Smartrr and others that are great for handling regular billing and subscriptions.
Recharge Pro
This app is used by Shopify Stores to set up and manage their eCommerce subscription businesses.
Also discover Recharge vs Stay Ai.
Chargebee offers subscription and recurring billing system for subscription-based SaaS and eCommerce businesses. It is built with a focus on delivering the best experience to provide a seamless and flexible recurring billing experience to customers and manage customer subscriptions
Bold Subscriptions
A decade old subscriptions app. Already established brand in the subscriptions industry.Provides effective recurring order management on Shopify, WooCommerce and other platforms. Learn how bold migration works.
Compare Recharge vs. Bold.
SubBox: Subscriptions
SubBox is a subscription app that enables Shopify store owners to offer recurring product subscriptions to their customers. It includes features such as subscription management, customisable pricing and billing intervals, and automatic invoicing.
Native Subscriptions
Native Subscriptions is a subscription app that offers a range of features including customizable subscription plans, automatic invoicing, and subscription management tools. It also provides analytics and reporting tools to help store owners track the success of their subscription program.
Recurly offers an all-in-one, seamlessly integrated platform that simplifies the process of automating DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) subscriptions at scale.
As a robust payment gateway software, Stripe covers an extensive array of payment needs for businesses. With Stripe Billing, businesses can efficiently manage subscriptions and handle recurrent billing. The Stripe Connect API enables smooth integration with third-party payment services, enhancing the payment process.
Skio provides Shopify stores with a software solution to enable subscription-based offerings in ecommerce.
Compare Recharge vs. Skio.
Smarttr Subscriptions
Smartrr offers a variety of  tools to optimize subscription management in terms of  flexibility, loyalty and community.
Also compare Loop vs Smartrr.
A tool for managing subscriptions and revenue helps companies in maximising subscription income.
Zoho Billing
For companies wishing to automate subscription management and recurring invoicing, Zoho Subscriptions is a software solution. With the help of the application, businesses can fully control everything that happens during a customer's lifetime, from signup to recurring payments.
WooCommerce Subscriptions
Enhance WooCommerce with Subscriptions: Recurring payments and subscriptions made easy.