All you need to get started with bundles for your DTC store

No-code bundle builder with all the flexibility for you and your subscribers. Takes 60 minutes to launch.

2200+ Shopify Stores Run Successful Subscription Program on Loop

Get up and running with bundles blazing fast. Kill multiple dev. cycles that last months. Fully no-code.

Go-live with Bundles in 60 mins.

  • No-code bundle builder that goes live in 60 minutes after you’ve configured selling plans. 
  • Stay on-brand with point-and-click HTML + CSS editor
  • Mobile-first UI with an app-like functionality
  • API endpoints for developers to customise bundle landing pages 

Let subscribers manage their own bundles

  • Easy bundle management right inside the Customer Portal. Subscribers can easily run quick actions like add, remove or swap products in their box. Flexibility to add one-time products to a bundle too.
  • Flexibility to change bundle products midway during a subscription
  • Subscribers can add bundles as one-time purchases
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Inventory management that does not break

  • Bundle orders are mapped directly to already existing SKUs. No need to create dummy products for bundles to work.
  • Bundle products are reported as separate line items for 3PL consistency. Products are distinctly labelled as bundle or non-bundle
Post-Migration Success Stories
350+ brands migrated to Loop.

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