Earn more from your subscribers

Reduce subscriber churn by ~25% with gamification, understanding churn reasons and more in just a few clicks.

1500+ Shopify Stores Run Successful Subscription Program on Loop

It’s 2023 and Retention > Acquisition.

Loop’s retention stack will weather the storm for you. Long-term loyalty for the win.

Exit surveys before they hit "Cancel"

  • Surveys that are designed to impress. Built-in photo & GIF capabilities that bring questions to life 
  • Conditional logic that recommends alternatives (Skip order, Swap Products etc.) for different churn scenarios
  • Offer one-time discounts in the survey workflow as last-ditch retention attempts

Keep subscribers hooked with gamified rewards

  • Unlock special rewards basis subscriber milestones
  • Offer higher discounts on 2nd, 4th or Nth order
  • Special gifts on Xth order
  • Special rewards on flagship days (BFCM, Earth-Day, Independence Day)
  • Tag subscribers eligible for rewards & already rewarded subscribers for special campaigns

Reduce payment failures with Smart Dunning

  • Track revenue loss on payment dashboard
    (You probably didn't know you have this churn problem)
  • Auto-discovery of about-to-expire cards.
  • Pinpoints right time to retry cards to increase success rate
  • Offer one-time discount before the last payment retry
  • Advanced reports to show failed payments.

Actionable insights to reduce churn

  • Get trends of different cancellation reasons.
    Further breakdown by total orders, products and more.
  • See which recommendations are working for different cancellation reasons.
  • High-risk subscription analytics for contextual marketing (Set-up special one time rewards for such customers)

Personalised experiences to improve loyalty

  • Ability to create unique subscription experiences for different segments.
  • Personalisation logic that applies special discounts, adds a free gift or starts a free trial after X orders or Y$ spent
  • No-code workspace to build those personalisation logics

Reactivation campaigns made easy

  • Set-up automated campaigns to reactivate subscribers. Compatible with Klaviyo & Attentive.
  • Segment customers on the basis of cancellation reasons and total orders.
  • One-click reactivation for cancelled subscriptions. Special offer for reactivations.
Post-Migration Success Stories
200+ migrated brands have already reduced cancellations by ~25%.

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