Loop helps you to reduce churn by ~30%*

Multiple retention features that are used both by DTC operators and founders to reduce active and passive (involuntary) churn.

Trusted by 2500+ Shopify Stores

Keep subscribers hooked with gamified rewards system

  • Unlock special reward at the right time for the perfect engagement
  • Communicate about future rewards using banners inside the portal or upcoming order emails.
  • Customize these retention campaigns for different segments and based on different reasons.
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Retention campaign inside the customer portal using no code

  • Embed GIF / Video / Text to create a compelling message to motivate subscribers to take alternative actions and reduce cancellation attempts.
  • Use our rich text editor to make your retention campaign live in minutes instead of waiting for a developer (major advantage over Legacy apps)
  • Personalise these retention campaigns for different segments as if your team was there in front of the subscriber to prevent the cancellation
  • Run exit surveys to capture the reason behind cancellations. Easily insert GIFs, videos and rich media to convert surveys into Typeform like experiences
  • Customise your portal to educate the subscribers about alternative actions.
    They can pause the subscription, delay the next order or skip the upcoming order. 
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Offer gifts or discounts to make them continue

  • As a last attempt to retain subscribers, offer them gift or discount based on their response in the exit survey
  • Personalise these incentives for different subscriber segment.
  • Using our rich text editor, add your own messaging while offering the incentive 
  • Limit the number of times discounts or gifts can be availed

Advanced Cancellation Analytics 

  • Track all the important metrics when it comes to cancellations- Average orders completed, trend of reasons behind cancellations, subscriber segmenting with the highest cancellation rate
  • Create retention campaigns based on data. Let’s say if subscribers are cancelling because they don’t like the flavour of the product, then offer a free swap as an alternative. 
  • Easily compare the before and after impact of your retention efforts and campaigns
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Contextual reactivation campaigns made easy

  • Use the survey responses as attributes inside Klaviyo and other marketing apps for personalised treatment inside reactivation campaigns
  • 1-click reactivation URLs for cancelled subscriptions. Configure special discount for reactivations.

Retention also means reducing passive churn

  • Reduce payment failures with our Smart Dunning feature- You probably didn't know you have this churn problem.
  • Auto-discovery of about-to-expire cards.
  • Pinpoints right time to retry cards to increase success rate
  • Offer one-time discount before the last payment retry.
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