Personalized subscriber journeys through automation and workflows

Build your unique gamification logic to make every order a surprise-and-delight. No coding required.

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Use simple IF-THEN conditional logics for complex workflows

  • Auto-apply discounts after X orders completed.
  • Auto-add free gifts or trials to celebrate key milestones like 5th order, 10th order, Nth order
  • Auto-swap product SKUs based on subscriber preferences and history. For example, Segment X receives Product A in their next cycle while Segment Y receives Product B
  • Automatically dispatch free trials of new launches to all subscribers or specific segments
  • Workflow conditions also include Shopify Collections with variants [NEW]
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Communicate upcoming rewards to subscribers

  • Fully customizable banner inside the portal to communicate subscriber rewards.
  • Notify subscribers about their rewards in the upcoming order notifications.
  • Use "upcoming rewards" as an attribute in Klaviyo and other marketing apps. Or, use Loop to trigger email notifications about upcoming reward.
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Unbundle subscription box into individual SKUs

  • Using Loop Flows, unbundle your box subscription into individual subscription order.
  • Give your subscribers the flexibility to continue with their preferred SKU
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Create new subscriber segments for campaigns

  • Configure tags to create new buyer segments on the fly. A popular use-case is to use tags to differentiate subscribers from members.
  • Segment buyers based on subscriber attributes and conditions such as number of orders completed, LTV, and more.
  • Import these tags directly to Klaviyo and other marketing apps for contextual marketing.
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