Loop Platform Overview

Learn about the different app features that help you provide the best subscription experience for your customers.

Reduce Cancellations

Cancellation flows

Configure cancellation reasons that make sense for your brand. Set up recommendations against every cancellation reason.
For example, if a customer is cancelling because they have enough stock, then recommend skipping or delaying the order.

Custom Payment Reminders

Set up 20+ alerts for upcoming payment/order, and failed payments through SMS and emails.

Reactivate Paused and Cancelled Subscribers

Set up tags at the customer level to send automated campaigns from Klaviyo or Attentive for re-engagement.

Merge Subscriptions

Let customers group multiple subscriptions in one so they can save on shipping costs.

Comprehensive Out-of-Stock Choices

Notify subscribers about low stock in payment reminder emails. Let subscribers reschedule orders, skip orders or automatically retry the order after a few days. 

Increase Subscribers

100+ Subscription Widget Designs

Customise your widget for quick A/B tests that too without any coding knowledge

Build-a-box or Custom Subscription Widget

Design a powerful experience for your customers to subscribe using your own custom widget. Create dedicated pages for a seamless experience and build-a-box solutions.

Create discounts only for Subscriptions

With Loop Subscriptions’ Native integration, create discounts directly from Shopify which are applicable only for the first subscription order or applicable on specific products and so on.

Free Subscriptions Delivery

Offer free delivery for subscription orders or create customised shipping profiles only for subscription orders.

Subscription Management

Easy Subscription Update Settings

Configure actions like skip orders, pause subscription, cancel or even reschedule orders. Enable customers to swap subscription products even for build-a-box and add one-time products in an upcoming order.

Customisable Email Templates

Customise 20+ email campaigns for subscribers from the dashboard or choose to send them via Klaviyo directly.


Upsell subscriptions for one-time products by showing subscription benefits.

Variable Discounts

Automatically change discounts after a few orders as part of creating selling plans.

1-Click ShopPay Checkout

Enable 1-click checkout with ShopPay payments for subscribers. Helps in reducing payment drop-offs by ~20%.

Auto-Swap Products

Auto-swapping products are supported via Loop flows. Configure how much discount is to be given on swapped products.

Advanced Features

Update Product Price Logic

Configure to automatically change prices in all the subscriptions if they get updated on your store. 

Update Shipping Price Logic

Configure shipping rates if they need to be recalculated after the first order so that customers aren’t charged higher or lower.

Customer Tagging

Add subscriber tags at the customer level- Active or inactive or pause. Add product level tags at the customer level. Tagging helps with automation and customer analysis.



Use the Klaviyo integration to pool data from subscription events generated in Loop and trigger email flows based on events like subscription purchased, upcoming order, payment failed, and order skipped.


Use Gorgias integration to display Loop subscriptions data next to your support tickets. Get quick action buttons to edit subscriptions.

Google Analytics

For every event sent on GA, we add the Shopify customer id as the client id which helps in linking different subscription order events to a common customer.


Cancellations Dashboard
  1. Monitor churn rate trends.
  2. Monitor cancellation reason trends and analyse different cancellation recommendations like skip order, delay order, swap products etc
  3. Monitor cancellation reasons based on order count: Zero-order cancellations, 5+ order cancellations.
  4. Go to subscriber-level data for any of these trends if you want to speak with customers directly or want to read their cancellation remarks.
Payment Dashboard
  1. Monitor trends of attempted payments and successful payments.
  2. Monitor trends of involuntary churn month on month.
  3. Keep track of customers whose cards are set to expire in the next 30 days and set up engagements.
  4. Keep track of customers where payments have failed for the last 3 orders.
Subscriptions Data and Product Report
  1. Creation, current status, last update date, billing interval and the delivery interval.
  2. Customer information: Contact details, address, total orders completed
  3. Order related information: Order value, last order details, next billing date.
  4. Product information: Variant ID, actual price, discounted price, quantity in subscription, one-time added or removed product (yes or no).

Subscriptions Order Reports

Processed Orders
  1. Subscription information- ID, created & updated
  2. Shopify order information- Order type, order ID, order number, order creation time, order status, idempotency key
  3. Customer information- Contact details, next delivery date
  4. Payment related information- Last payment status, retries left, payment failure reasons, 3DS challenged
  5. Order information- Products, order value, taxes, shipping address
Analytics APIs

Open APIs for any type of integration. Integrate with GA for server-side events.