App Overview

All the features that DTC brands need to scale & operate large-scale subscription businesses.

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Customer portal that works for your subscribers!

Reduce the number of tickets by making it easy for customers to self-manage their subscriptions.

Slash Support Tickets

OTPless + Passwordless Login

Easily Upsell Products

Dedicated Access Page

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Reward subscribers using personalized workflows 

Delight your subscribers at every point in their journey using workflows that completely automates the way your subscriptions reward system works.

Encourage Subscribers To Swap Products 

Offer Free Trial To New Subscribers

Tiered Discounts For Subscriber Base

Sell Subscriptions Post One-Time Purchase

Drop cancellations with smart retention techniques

Use Loop’s advanced retention management systems that help you reduce your cancellations and keep your customers for the longer run!

Don’t Let Subscribers Cancel Easily

Industry Best Cancellation Analytics

Win Back Your Subscribers 

Get the Real Reasons Behind Payment Failure

Start reducing your cancellations

Easily setup Build-a-Box on your store

Highly flexible box subscriptions. DTC brands can customise it to complement their own subscription models. Box gives customers the power to choose the product variety they want. 

Easily Set-Up on Your Store

Simple UI. No Distractions.

Progress Bar to Guide Customers

Customizable for Any Subscription Model

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Smart Dunning Management System

Credit cards fail, no denying that. Setup payment retries to recover failed payments. So if your payment doesn’t succeed on the first try, attempt it two-four more times.

Increase AOV By Upselling Products

Upsell subscribers one-time products that compliment their subscriptions. Add upsell buttons in emails and ship one-time products along with subscription orders this holiday season.

Segment Your Audience With Tags 

Use subscription tags to segregate your subscriber based on their activity within the portal or interactions with your brand. Use them as filters in Shopify to create targeted campaigns.

1-Click Native Shopify Checkout

Enable 1-click checkout with ShopPay payments for subscribers. Lightning fast payments for subscribers reduces payment drop-offs by ~20%.

Forecast inventory & Handle out of stock

Clearly take a stock of your inventory based on subscription orders. Give customers the option to reschedule, swap, skip, delay the products if inventory goes out-of-stock.

Design Mobile-Friendly Widgets

Use from more than 200+ design options to power a subscription widget of your liking on your Shopify storefront.