At Loop, we want to un-complicate subscriptions for Shopify DTC brands.
We want to help DTC community offer world-class subscription experience.

So Loop is "not just another subscriptions app". We want to become your subscription growth partner.

The founders of Loop had built "Shopify for restaurants" previously.
They understand profitable brands need subscriptions, retention and great experience baked into one software solution.

Major wins in just two years that are worth sharing: 

1. One of the biggest migration done from Recharge in the ecosystem
(*as far as we are aware). Get the full story.

2. We are the subscriptions app partner for one of the biggest migration done from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus. Shared by Kurt Elster, check the full story here

Investors that believe in our product
Ed hallen
Co-Founder @klaviyo
Gokul Rajaram
Board member at Doordash, Coinbase & Pinterest
Varsha Rao
Ex-COO @Airbnb & CEO of Nurx
Alexander Erikstrup
Founder and Partner at Ratio Ventures
Snehal Shinde
CPO and Co-founder - Zeni
Swapnil Shinde
CEO and Co-founder - Zeni
Team behind Loop Subscriptions
vivek agarwal

Built and exited KoinOk- a crypto trading platform. Passionate for decoding what customers want.

yashbir singh

Built 2 start-ups in the past. Loves hacking his mind with complex product problems.

manas oswal

Coding since class 7th. Rejected $200k offer for his side project in college.

sakshi jain
Head of Partnerships

Loves to talk to DTC brands and be a part of their success story!

nihal baldwa
Customer Success Manager

All about customers, from pain to gain.

vishesh arora
Merchant Success

To be, or not to be, that is the question

Abel leslie
Merchant Success

Jack of a lot of trades and master of increasing subscription revenue.

atul amresh
Merchant Success

It's only words and words are all I have to take customer's heart away :)

Surbhi garg
Merchant Success

From educator to customer success advocate, embracing change as life's only constant, cultivating  plants and minds.

manan vig
Merchant Success

Knows how to turn challenges into triumphs, therefore creating an unbreakable LOOP of satisfaction!

varun sehgal
Merchant Success

Life's journey is the art of weaving dreams into reality.


Sales Unicorn with an unhealthy obsession to customers, their problems, and poetry

Sanya kapoor

DTC whisperer who understands business's pain points and ensures that Loop resolves them

HArshit gupta

Realised it late that a career could be built by listening to people and finding solutions for their problems.

tandra supraja

Realised it late that a career could be built by listening to people and finding solutions for their problems.

kanira jain

First sells to DTC brands, then buys from them!

shivangi singh
Founder's Office

An enthusiastic baker, baking culture at Loop. Food, Yoga and everything people at Loop.

Anirudh Vashishth

It's not about who sells the best story, it's about who best sells the story.

vipul babbar

Will find you and pitch you. Loves to crunch lead numbers on excel.

Prakhar Srivastava

Love collecting, interpreting and playing with data on excel to provide amazing insights.

Emma Johnson

Love to keep myself updated with the latest in MarTech, love Indian cuisine (partly why I work at Loop) and a big Taylor Swift fan

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New York, USA
Gurgoan, India
Growth story so far
2 M+
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