Recoup CC churn on autopilot

Loop’s smart logic programmatically recovers lost revenue from failed payments & declined cards (upto ~25%)

Setup dunning in just 4 steps for your Shopify store.
No need to install a third-party app.

Trusted by 2500+ Shopify Stores

Failed Payment Workflows That Work 24/7

- Recoup payments: Configure the number of retries on failed & about-to-fail cards just once.

- Brands decide when they want to auto cancel or pause subscription - After the 1st attempt, 2nd, 3rd or last attempt.

- Brands can also choose to skip the payment when all the attempts fail.

- As a foolproof tactic, automatically cancel someone's subscription if their payment method keep being rejected.

Export subscriber data for contextual communication

- Easily export subscriber data associated with potential failed payments.
Download subscriber data as CSV files.

- Now easily add tags to customers that are currently in dunning mode.

- Automate contextual SMS and emails that inform subscribers about their failed payments

- Export directly to Klaviyo and other Shopify marketing apps for reach out

Actionable visualisations for decision making

Access detailed reports and visualizations that shed light on retry metrics

  • Revenue Realized: % Revenue that was recouped by programmatic retries
  • High-Risk Payments: Reports all upcoming high-risk payments
  • Consolidated Revenue Recoup Attempted: Aggregate revenue that was attempted to recoup
  • Last Retry Payments: Payments with last retry left
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Best subscriptions app in the game! Loop provides unmatched features, next level support and is constantly getting better. This will be the #1 Subscriptions App and will set the gold standard for Shopify.
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