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200+ DTC brands have made the switch to Loop

200+ DTC brands have made the switch to Loop

Why are so many brands migrating?

Simple. We listened to the feedback of top DTC brands and created a trustworthy Recharge Alternative
We created a Shopify app that gamifies subscriptions and automates operations.

100% customizable portal

Brand your portal the way you want to. Add custom CSS, add videos/GIFs, make changes without developers and get upgrades to newer versions for free.

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Native Shopify checkout

Customers complete subscription orders on native Shopify checkout. Remove unnecessary friction of checkout on third party domains.

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Reduce passive churn

Our smart dunning management feature (in-built Churn buster) figures out high-risk subscription payments. Payment methods get automatically retried so revenue loss.

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Analytics & cohorts

Subscription revenue cohort, subscriber retention cohort and more. Export reports for further insights and analysis.

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Reduce your cancellations

Using a combination of videos, interactive cancellation flows and reward programs, reduce your subscription cancellations by ~25%

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Sell Subscriptions Internationally

Compatible with Shopify Markets. Grow subscribers in any geography.

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Mobile-First Customer Portal Design
Native Shopify Checkout
Increase Subscription Revenue
Less Subscription Cancellations
Subscription Analytics
Sell Subscriptions Internationally

How does the migration process work?

A simple 3-step process.
We have perfected the process of migration by shifting millions of subscribers.

Setup App On Your Store
We have a comprehensive 52 point checklist that ticks every point related to subscription- Shipping charges, product, selling plans, integrations and more.
Migrate Payments Information
Migrate subscribers’ payment information from Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree to your payment provider.
Migrate Subscribers to Our App
Once subscriber payments are migrated, we migrate subscribers to Loop Subscriptions and slowly start activating them. A seamless rollout
Frequently Asked Questions
Do our customers need to do anything during the migration process?
What are the payment providers that you support?
How much time does it take for the migration process to complete?
Can you connect us with your other brands for references?
Why do you offer a lower transaction fees as compared to Recharge, Bold and others?
What are the different tools that you integrate with? Do you consider integrations as part of migration?

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