Chief Nutrition

Published on
17 September 2023
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Australia’s Powerful Nutrition Bar Brand

Chief Nutrition is an Australian brand which was built out of the necessity to create an alternative to the ultra-processed food that lines the shelves. Founder Justin Babet loves clean snacks that cut the crap, and are better for you and the planet.

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As a brand, Chief is totally uncompromising on health, sustainability and keeping the crap out. Their bars are sold in hundreds of stores around Australia.

To run subscriptions on their bars, Chief was using Bold subscriptions on Shopify. Before starting on subscriptions, they had done a comparison between Recharge and Bold subscriptions.

But they were not satisfied with the Bold because of certain reasons. That's when they started searching for Bold Subscriptions Alternatives

Issues with Bold Subscriptions

  1. Two separate checkouts for subscriptions/one-time products reducing customer trust
  2. Lack of accessibility of the customer portal resulting in lots of support tickets
  3. Customers couldn’t build and subscribe to their own subscription boxes
  4. Subscription cancellations were really high. Lack of customization & personalization in the flow.
  5. There was no option of upselling one-time product or subscription to existing customers

All of the above reasons pushed Chief to migrate from Bold to Loop.

Migration to Loop

Why Loop was the right solution to all of their concerns:

1. Native Shopify Checkout

A native Shopify checkout in Loop would eliminate two separate checkouts for subscriptions and one-time products. A common checkout could prevail with subscribers not getting redirected to an external Bold checkout page.

2. Best Customer Portal

Loop’s customer portal is OTPless and Passwordless which results in reduced customer tickets. Moreover it was completely customisable both in terms of features and designs. Subscribers could manage all of their subscriptions with great ease. 

3. Preventing Subscriber Cancellations

Loop’s cancellation flows were the ultimate way to reduce cancellations for Chief Nutrition. They could easily list down the cancellation reasons that would be put up for those subscribers who wished to cancel. And against each reason there would be alternate recommendations like skip, swap and pause to prevent cancellation.

product page of Chief Nutrition
4. Powerful Cancellation Analytics

Powerful cancellation analytics showed Chief the percentage of subscriptions getting cancelled because of failed payments. The cancellation trends could also be very easily viewed by Chief to see the top cancellation reasons and the top customers who cancelled.

5. Smart Dunning Management

A smart dunning management system automated sending alerts to customers for updating their card details. Dynamic payment retries also could be set up against failed payments to reduce subscription cancellations and improve realized revenue.

6. Upselling one time products/subscriptions

Upselling one time products to subscribers in payment reminder emails could be configured very easily in Loop alongside subscription upselling which could take place in Chief’s customer cart and in its Native Shopify checkout.

Migrating From Bold To Loop Is Easy

With a base of more than 500 subscribers, Chief’s migration took less than a week. Our support team thoroughly helped Chief in setting up their subscriptions and migrating them from Bold so that they had to involve themselves minimally in the entire process.

Chief is now powering its bar subscriptions proactively on their website and their subscribers are able to build their own bundles alongside enjoying a great subscriber experience.

Run your subscriptions on Bold or a legacy app and want to migrate to a better app that solves for your subscription eCommerce needs? 

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