Subscribers are special. And it's the job of brands to make them feel special. Try using any of the following 6 ways to reward your subscribers and boost your subscription revenue this holiday season!

6 Easy Ways of Rewarding your Subscribers this Holiday Season

Subscribers are love. When your customers subscribe to your product, you feel good.

So, it makes sense for you to make your subscribers feel good too with rewards, gifts and exclusive discounts. And especially with the holiday season right around the corner.

Here are 6 easy ways in which your DTC brand can easily reward subscribers for their loyalty throughout the year: 

01. Give a free holiday themed gift in Q4 or December

Long-term subscribers stick with brands through out the year. When it's the holiday season (special time of the year), it's natural for brands to show that love back to their subscribers with a free gift as a mark of appreciation. This comes as a holiday special surprise to them and they just love it.

02. Give a holiday special discount to your subscriber base

Offer a special holiday discounts to customers who've been subscribing to your products for a long time. Keep the discount running for a decent time period in the holiday season. Make it interesting by notifying these subscribers way before the season starts.

We wrote a blog on how to give a bulk-discount to several subscribers in one-go with Loop during BF/CM. Check it out here.

03. Free delivery for all holiday season subscription orders

In Loop, you can easily set up the option to give free delivery to your customers for subscription orders placed in the holiday season, while charging normal shipping fees for one-time purchases.

04. Nudge customers to opt for exciting product-swaps this holiday season 

In the holiday season, use the opportunity to show-off your holiday-themed products to your subscribers. In Loop's customer portal, you can easily use our recommendation section to highlight these products and this acts as an upselling channel.

05. Start a free trial of your new products for long-term subscribers

Give your old subscribers a taste of your new products that you just launched as a holiday special. Use Loop flows to offer them a free trial. Your subscriber receives the first product for free which is swapped by the paid version of the same product so the customer is charged for it on a weekly/monthly basis from the second delivery.

06. Exclusive holiday-special pricing for your subscribers 

With Loop, you can offer a special holiday season pricing for subscribers across your store. This pricing will only be visible to customers with special access memberships who are your subscribers and only they would be able to buy products at a discounted rate.

Try using any of the above 6 ways to reward your subscribers and boost your subscription revenue this holiday season!

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