Doggy Do Good

Published on
17 September 2023

About Brand and subscription program

Doggy Do Good is a brand with a mission- To make our pet's environmental paw-print a little smaller. When people subscribe to their product, they do it with a purpose to give back to organisations that love animals and the planet.

They have a high customer returning rate (~80%) and their business thrives on subscriptions that’s why they offer an autoship on most of their product catalogue. They have also created a Bundle & save offering using Loop

autoship subscriptions on doggy do good
Autoship subscriptions on Doggy Do Good

As you can see from the review left on App store (below), the main reason behind their migration from Recharge to Loop: The flexibility to provide the best subscriber experience

review left by Doggy Do Good on App store
Review left by Doggy Do Good on App Store

It’s been almost a quarter since they switched over to Loop. 

During their last month on Recharge, they had a subscription cancellation rate of ~10%. After switching over to Loop, they started taking advantage of our churn reduction features. Along with inputs from our customer success manager, Nihal, they were able to bring down their churn from ~10% to ~1% in just one quarter.

1. Running a customizable exit survey

Before Loop, Doggy Do Good didn’t have a clue why subscribers were cancelling. 

When they switched over to Loop’s customer portal, they configured an exit survey which would appear when a subscriber attempted to cancel.

They created an exit survey with customised reasons:
“I have too much product right now”, “I want a different product”, “My pet passed away”

main cancellation reason inside Loop

Over time, they started seeing the reasons behind cancellations- Saw that most of the cancellations happened because subscribers had too much of the product on them.

cancellations trend inside Loop subscriptions apps

2. Adding a personal message for the subscribers 

Our cancellation flows are very flexible- Brands can build an entire retention campaign to educate subscribers about the benefits of subscription and motivate them to continue.

In case of Doggy Do Good, they wanted to 

  1. Acknowledge the contribution of the subscriber to their business
  2. Last minute reminder about the benefits that they were about to lose.
  3. Giving them the opportunity to take advantage of an alternative action: Pause or change the product in their subscription.
subscriptions benefits page inside Loop


There was an immediate impact of the message. There was ~44% decrease in the number of cancellation attempts. How do we define a cancellation attempt? When a subscriber logins into the portal and clicks on the cancel subscription button. We log that as an event.

cancellation attempts inside the portal

3. Creating personalised offers for different subscriber segments

Within Loop, Doggy Do Good was able to create multiple subscriber segments based on the number of subscription orders completed, cancellation reason and other attributes.

With the help of our cancellation analytics, they were able to figure out that most of the subscribers cancelled after completing 3 orders- That’s when they selected “Already have too much product”

cancellations order-wise

So they decided to create a personalized offer for this particular subscriber segment inside the cancellation flow.

They decide to give an additional discount of 20% when a subscriber completes 3 orders. This discount could only be used once per customer (a feature that was missing in their previous subscriptions app)

personalized cancellation offer to subscribers for Doggy Do Good

Result of last-attempt discount incentive: 

Subscribers opted in for the discount over cancelling. And this strategy worked for all the different cancellation reasons.

subscribers sharing reasons behind cancellations

Subscribers who wanted a different product, use the Swap feature to change the product and continue on with the same subscription. 

How Doggy Do Good’s cancellation flow looks in action after customization:

customized cancellation flow inside Loop portal for Doggy Do Good

Next steps

In the next quarter, Doggy Do Good wants to create a personalised subscriber journey that is unique to their brand. They want to create a milestone based rewards system for their subscribers as a long-term engagement strategy. This helps in reducing the cancellation attempts done by subscribers inside the portal

Their last minute message for the subscribers also worked like a charm. Now they want to experiment with the copy and creative angle within the retention campaign.

They are planning to create further segments of their cancelled subscribers and then create personalised offers for them.