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Subscription portal changes simplified on Shopify without a developer. Easily create a memorable user experience.

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Customize everything from background, CTAs, text, sidebars, popups and upsell cards with a no-code interface.

Create and manage new
themes for your portal

  • Experiment with new styles of your portal. Preview new style with live subscription data without pushing anything live
  • Create specific seasonal themes for holiday season or for special occasions such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend

Experiment with styles and layouts

  • Add new custom section (with different HTML ID) to your current portal theme
  • Easily reorder existing portal sections with drag and drop editor
  • Add custom JS to enhance the functionality of the portal

Engagement made easier for higher LTV

  • Highlight upcoming rewards to your subscribers through banners inside portal
  • Add banners inside portal for marketing campaigns and promotion
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Portal engineered for higher AOV & LTV

  • Fully customizable Upselling section dedicated to highlight samples, trials or SKUs from other categories
  • Add items of your preference to the Upselling section. Choose your own priority or use our recommendation engine.
Increase AOV with portal ↗

Reduce subscriber churn via customizable cancellation flows

  • Create your own retention campaign inside the portal using our rich text editor.
  • Dedicated space to convey subscription benefits before they hit the CANCEL button
  • Create personalized cancellation flow for different subscriber segments using our rich text editor.
  • Offer multiple options- Discounts or Gifts in the moment of churn for shoppers to pause and think.
Reduce churn with cancellation flows ↗

Slash support tickets

  • Easy access. Password-less. Get Magic link for login
  • Mobile-friendly and works like app. Loads instantly.
  • 1-Click Delay, skip, pause, reschedule, cancel subscriptions supported
  • Easy product swaps, addresses and frequency change supported
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Best subscriptions app in the game! Loop provides unmatched features, next level support and is constantly getting better. This will be the #1 Subscriptions App and will set the gold standard for Shopify.
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