Subscription Operations OS for DTC brands

Loop is where subscription management playbooks evolve.

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Zero-friction operations for brands looking to scale subscriptions

Designed for everyday admin actions

  • Product Actions: Quickly add, remove or swap products in a subscription from admin interface
  • Subscription actions: Quickly Pause, resume, cancel or reactivate subscriptions.
  • Order actions: Charge for an order, skip an upcoming order or reschedule an order.
  • Supports bulk actions.
How Loop Automates DTC operations

Hyper-productivity led by automations

  • Auto-update shipping prices: Setup auto-updates to shipping prices. This is critical when merchants offer free shipping for the first order.
  • Auto-update shipping costs when a new shipping profile is added
  • Auto-update shipping costs when a new address is added
  • Supports bulk auto-updates to product prices

Manage low inventory situations

  • Manage low and zero inventory situations
  • Choose from a variety of next steps: process the order, delay the order or skip the order
  • Get notified when inventory levels drop
  • Send proactive low inventory alerts to customers
Manage inventory on Loop ➤

Make smarter subscription decisions

  • Reports across key business attributes - Subscribers, Subscriptions, Products, Orders, Transactions & Inventory
  • Analyse Subscriber data by Total Spend, Products, Next Order Date and many more.
  • Manage shipping and production schedules by analysing Subscription data.
  • Accurate Inventory projections by analysing forecasts
How reporting works in Loop ➤

Billing settings that support your business model

  • Choose your own global billing or anchor billing hour
  • Anchor billings let you bill subscribers at a specific daily time. Great for daily subscriptions like meals.
  • Global billings let you bill subscribers at a specific day. Can be set up weekly, monthly or yearly.

Create new buyer segments on the fly

  • Configure tags for any buyer segment
  • Import tags into Marketing Automation & Customer Service software for campaigns and ticket management
  • Export tags via CSV sheets for data driven analysis
  • Apply tags at any attribute - product, order, subscription type, churn type and many more
Easily create segments ➤
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