Practical pricing plans for
DTC 🤝 Subscriptions App
Our software cost does not eat into your revenue (unlike other apps) 👉
No extra charges, lower transaction fees & plans include technical support & service.
Releasing in June'23: Advanced analytics dashboards, improvements to cancellation flows and more integrations


+ 1% transaction fee
+ 0 ¢/order
Suited for DTC brands that want to offer better subscription experience with detailed reporting

14 days Free-trial.
Customizable Customer Portal
200+ subscription design options
Bundle Builder
Tiered discounts
Smart Dunning Management
Free 14-Day trial
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+ 0.75% transaction fee
+ 0 ¢/order
Ideal for established subscription businesses looking for automation, customization & integrations
Everything in Growth + 
Subscription Reward System
Bulk Actions
Analytics & Cohorts
Support + Account management
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"A great Shopify subscription app which is saving us thousands by migrating away from Recharge. They are also improving our customer experience and retention, and have been very hands-on in helping us."

- CEO, Livingood Daily
(migrated from Recharge with 130k+ subscribers)

Advantage of Migrating to Loop
You Save Cost While We Ship New Features

Monthly Subscription Orders
Amount spent on Loop
Amount spent on RC Legacy
Amount Saved
Total Sales
Total Subscription Sales
You Save
Loop Enterprise Plan Cost
Overcharge Pro Plan Cost
Total Subscription Sales = Monthly Orders(MO) x AOV x 12

Loop Cost = MO x AOV x .0075 (transaction fees***) x 12 + $399 x 12

Overcharge Cost** = MO x AOV x 0.01 (transaction fees)  12 + MO x 0.19 (per order charges) X 12 + $499 x 12

**Last updated: March 2023 (as per their pricing page)
***Transaction fees is calculated on the actual order amount. For sake of simplicity, we have used AOV.

Feature breakdown


1% Transaction Fees


0.75% Transaction Fees

Subscription management
Acquisition tools
Retention Tools
Automation and Workflows
Discounts and reward system
Customer Portal
In-built communication & alerts
Reporting and Analytics
Custom Subscription Models
Developer Support
Support & Migration
Comparing with Recharge?
Why lose revenue to Recharge because of higher transactions fees?

200+ brands migrated to Loop because of better feature set at a lower software fees
Fully customisable customer portal
Automate & personalise subscriber journeys at
Built on next generation tech-stack
Free technical account management and
Payment Processors Supported

Frequently asked questions

Is it a self service payment process for Growth plans?
Yes, it is self service payment for Growth plans. Once you install the app, you can upgrade to Growth plan from within the app settings.
Do you offer a free plan?
Yes, we do offer a free plan in case you want to test our app. 0% transaction fee. Valid till 50 subscriptions. Customise upto 20+ email alerts.
What are the payment providers that you support?
We support the following payment providers for subscription orders: ShopPay, Stripe,, Paypal. In case your payment provider is not listed, please ping us on chat, we would be happy to assist.
Do you offer integration setup as part of your plans?
Yes! We will help you to set up integrations as part of our paid plans. We offer integrations with Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, Postscript and more apps
Are there any contracts?
No, we don’t do contracts. If you are looking for a discount on an annual subscription, please get in touch with us.
What is the billing schedule?
Loop Subscriptions billing period is monthly. The amount is charged upon completion of the billing period.
Why are your transaction fees lower than other apps in Shopify ecosystem?
We are not just an app. We are your growth partners. We want the success of your subscription program.
Do you charge for migration or support or account management?
No, we don’t charge anything for migrations, support and account management. All of these are included in our paid plans package.