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100+ widget designs

Convert customers into subscribers by designing the subscription widget the way you like. Loop Subscriber Rate is 4.2% 🚀

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Native Shopify Checkouts

Stop sending customers to other domains for payment processing and reduce ~40% drop-offs ⚡️

Powerful Subscription Experiences

Offer trial, gift, membership, prepaid subscriptions to customers and so much more


We reduce your subscription cancellations

EASIEST Subscription Management

Password-less & OTP customer login
SMS & Email Subscription Management
Less than 1 sec load time

Reduce cancellations
- just like that! Really

Create your own cancelation reasons and set-up recommendations against each of them - works brilliantly ~35% of time

Reduce Payment Failures

Stop ~20% revenue leakage with our smart retry engine and set-up alerts for card expiry

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Our merchants love us, no kidding!!

If you EVER look for a subscription service/app or if you want to migrate from another subscription service, stop looking right now!! Loop has not only helped us to seamlessly migrate from a subscription big player (worst experience ever) to their platform; they also spent hours and hours to support that migration and made sure everything went well without any issues at all. Response times were usually under a minute and they even built full integrations for other services on our request within one week. Try them out - you won't be disappointed!

Dr. Anna Cabeca

I have used many subscription apps and Loop is by far the best and most competitively priced. The team is incredibly responsive, positive, and has a fantastic support culture that has made the app critical to our business. We've been able to take advantage of several custom Loop features that aren't available with Recharge (among others). A huge thanks to your team for an amazing app!

Organic - Life Start

After researching many membership subscription apps in the Shopify app store we decided to go with Loop. App configurability and buying membership subscriptions through Shopify checkout were key features that we were looking for. Loop app came with most of the features covered out of the box. All specific features to the business were delivered by the Loop team within days after aligning features specifications. The team is very prompt with their response to our support requests and they know their business well. Would definitely recommend the app to any membership e-com out there.


This is an overall great program that continues to improve weekly. Piyush and Vivek are incredibly helpful and have spent lots of time customising Loop Subscriptions to meet our needs. Their customer support may be the best in the industry. The subscription software itself has helped us automate our subscriptions which was turning into an arduous, daily task. I highly recommend it. Thank you to the Loop Team!

Direct Value Dispense

Loop connects with your
favourite apps.

With our Native Shopify Checkout, most of the Shopify apps are already compatible with Loop. We also do deep integrations other apps

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