Our Mission

At Loop we want to un-complicate subscriptions for DTC brands.

To build a successful subscription program, brands rely on loyalty. And to build loyalty, they must offer the best subscriber experience. And that's how we have built our app. An app that gives subscribers a world class experience so that they bring in long lasting loyalty and revenue for your brand. Here’s to supercharging your subscription program and becoming the first choice app for DTC brands across the world!

PS: We have done the biggest migration in the history of the Shopify ecosystem 🚀 Details to be announced soon! 

Team behind Loop

vivek agarwal

Built and exited KoinOk- a crypto trading platform. Passionate for decoding what customers want.

yashbir singh

Built 2 start-ups in the past. Loves hacking his mind with complex product problems.

manas oswal

Coding since class 7th. Rejected $200k offer for his side project in college.

Abel leslie
Merchant Success

Jack of a lot of trades and master of increasing subscription revenue.

sakshi jain
Merchant Success

Loves to talk to DTC brands and be a part of their success story!

vipul babbar

Will find you and pitch you. Loves to crunch lead numbers on excel.

karan chaudhary

Converts coffee into copy. Writes content that DTC brands will find useful!

kanira jain

First sells to DTC brands, then buys from them!

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