Highwire Coffee

"Piyush, Vivek, and team are wonderful to work with. They are hands on and invested in the success of our subscription program and have helped us greatly improve results in a very short time. I highly recommend this app!"
Robert Myers
Founder, Highwire Coffee Roasters
Published on
17 September 2023
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About the Brand

Highwire Coffee was started by founders Rich Avella, Eric Hashimoto, and Robert Myers because they believed in an idea: A coffee company can be a force for good. And with that belief, Highwire was launched in the Rockridge neighbourhood of Oakland in 2011. 

They extended their business to other areas pretty soon: Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Montclair Village and Alameda. They have a DIY approach to figuring out new things for their business and like to partner with people that have similar values (that would be our team in this story)

Highwire is a brand with an extremely high return customer rate of over 80%- People just love their coffee!

returning customer rate on Highwire Coffee's store
A very high returning customer rate

This shows how good their products are and the focus on customer experience. That’s why they built up a sizeable subscriber base.

Highwire Coffee was initially using Bold for subscription management for 2+ years. However they were not happy with that app. It had a lot of legacy issues that hindered Highwire's online customer experience.
They had also considered a comparison of Recharge vs Bold subscriptions.

Problem 1: Two accounts for managing orders

Highwire’s customers had to create two accounts to manage their subscription orders: The first account was on Bold’s platform and the other on their own website. 

“The Highwire team was not happy with this setup because this translated into a double effort by their customer”

Problem 2: Bad User Interface and Complex Customer Portal

The customer portal plays an integral part in the subscription management experience. That’s why it should be intuitive and easy to use for customers.

But it was exactly the opposite with Bold's subscriber portal. Highwire’s team started getting a lot of support tickets related to that portal because it had clunky UX and hard-to-navigate menus.

Highwire's team had enough of these issues. Robert, one of the founders, reached out to the Loop team regarding a migration from Bold.

Robert made the decision to migrate on the same day when he wrote to us. As the first step, we activated our subscription widget on their store.


We were able to finish the setup and migrate all of Highwire’s existing customers over from Bold to Loop without any issues. The whole process took around 1-2 weeks as it was one
We  made some changes on their product page and customized the widget for higher subscriber conversions.

In the second step of migration, we brought over subscriber information, payment methods and shipping profiles.

Highwire was one of our early migration. It went super smooth. Now, we have done over 350+ migrations. The process happens like clock-work now.

The Highwire team can finally concentrate on what matters: Increase subscribers without worrying about hampering their experience.

1. Lesser Tickets with Password-less Customer Portal

Customers can easily access customer portal from My account Section and a dedicated page where they just need to enter their email. From the customer portal, customers can easily make changes in the subscriptions without needing to get in touch with Highwire team.

They have seen a drastic decrease in their support tickets related to subscription orders (almost zero).

Highwire Coffee's customer portal

2. High Payment Realisation with Smart Dunning Management

If there are payment failures in subscription orders, our smart dunning system detects and retries the existing payment methods. We also notify those particular customers about the payment failure.

With the help of this feature, the Highwire team is now able to identify and generate revenue from subscription transactions with payment issues.

failed vs realized revenue trend on Highwire's dunning solution
Analytics of Revenue Realization

3. Communicating with Subscribers: Seamless Integration with Klaviyo

At Highwire Coffee, Klaviyo played a huge role in everyday operations.
Email and messaging campaigns for subscribers were automated using Klaviyo’s auto flows, based on pre-set rules. 

Klaviyo's integration with Loop for Highwire Coffee
Check real-time Klaviyo events

Next steps

We work with Robert and the team to scale-up subscription related growth plans by setting-up automated campaigns to convert more customers into subscribers. 

By the way, if you want to try their coffee, check out The Core signature Coffee- One of their most subscribed products.

subscription widget on Highwire Coffee's store

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