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April 14, 2023
Vipul Babbar

Recharge vs. Bold vs. Loop: Which subscription platform is best? Discover the best alternative to both

In this post we discuss and give a complete breakdown of two popular subscription apps: Recharge and Bold.

Both platforms offer robust subscription functionalities, user-interfaces for subscription management and offer automated customer communication via email.

However, selecting the more suitable one for your business is important to ensure smooth operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience- There's no one-size-fits-all answer.

We'll conduct a head-to-head comparison of Recharge Subscriptions and Bold in terms of features, pricing, integrations and support.

We also tell you why Loop is the best alternative to both these Shopify subscriptions apps ↗️

Recharge payments app for subscriptions

Recharge Features and Functionality

Recharge, a prominent subscription platform, boasts a wide array of features carefully crafted to enhance your Shopify store's subscription capabilities.

With Recharge, you can set up subscription options for a diverse range of products, allowing customers to customize their delivery frequency and payment preferences according to their needs. Recharge also offers bundles and SMS features.

Recharge Subscriptions Pricing

Recharge offers couple of plans under its pricing model. It's vital to consider the specific needs and scale of your business when selecting a plan.

Recharge's website features three different plan options, with prices starting at $99. This covers various features offered in various plans. Additionally, their Standard plan has additional charges of 1.25% transaction fees and 19¢ each order.

Recharge support and Integrations

Check out their Shopify App reviews to learn more about Recharge support. Loop offers good support and more affordable plans with an amazing feature set, which is one of the reasons why brands are moving to Loop.

Recharge works with Shopify as well as apps like Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, TapCart, and others.

One of the reasons why brands migrate to Loop is because of its super-fast support and ideal pricing plans for a great feature set

Why is Loop considered a great alternative to Recharge Payments?

We have developed a platform that was designed straight from the DTC community's feedback:

🎨 Fully customisable bundles and portal
💳 Integrated smarted dunning management solution
🎁 Utilise Loop Flows to automate and personalize subscriber experiences
🌊 Best-in-class cancellation flows in comparison

With a price structure that can be tailored to suit the needs of any size brand, Loop Subscriptions is a great choice for both new and established D2C brands.

We charge a lower transaction fees—0.75% of the total subscriptions value—and there are no other additional charges.

Here is a detailed comparison of Loop vs Recharge ↗️

Bold app for subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions Features and Functionality

Bold is a formidable subscription platform that has garnered widespread popularity among Shopify store owners

  • Recurring Billing & Subscription Management: Whether it's a monthly or a weekly charge, the app makes it possible for store owners. It's a hub where merchants can oversee and adjust customer subscription details without delay.
  • Subscription Widgets: Brands can start offering subscriptions to new visitors by having a widget on their product page
  • Subscriber Retention: Offer discounts and trials to your subscriber based

Bold Subscriptions Pricing

Bold Subscriptions has a CORE plan. They charge 1% of all orders containing subscription products on top of their existing monthly pricing.

Bold Subscriptions Support and Integrations

For information about Bold Subscriptions support, read through their Shopify App reviews.

Bold Subscriptions is designed to integrate smoothly with other Shopify apps and services. This includes integrations with popular payment gateways, shipping and fulfilment solutions, and even customer relationship management (CRM) tools- Klaviyo, Attentive, Zapier, Checkout and PayPal express.

For a super-quick support system, advanced feature set and optimal price structures are among the factors driving brands to migrate to Loop ↗️ .

Why is Loop considered a great alternative to Bold Subscriptions ?

Loop Subscriptions holds a competitive edge over Bold Subscriptions with our fully customizable subscription management portal, bundle builder, bulk actions and other features such as

👾 In-built gamification
🎨  Fully customizable bundles and customer portal
💳 Inbuilt smart dunning management solution
🎁 Automate and personalise subscriber journeys with Loop Flows
🌊 Best-in-class cancellation flows

Loop Subscriptions's pricing structure is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, making it an excellent option for DTC growth and established brands alike.
We charge only 0.75% transaction fees and no additional charges - 0¢ per order

Here is a detailed comparison of Loop vs Bold Subscriptions ↗️

Also compare Ordergroove vs Recharge Payments ↗️

Recharge vs. Bold vs. Loop Comparison Table

Recharge vs Bold
Recharge Bold Subscriptions Loop
No-code bundle builder ? X
Different App
Advanced Cancellations Analytics X X Yes
Includes bar trends of the last 6 months of cancellation reasons, Average orders before cancellation X X Yes
Add A Free Merch (Product) On 5th (Any) Order ? X Yes
Gamify customer portal by adding a banner - "X orders away from free merch". Increases LTV ?
Not possible without developer
X Yes
Gifts for subscriber segments in exit survey [No coding required] ? X Yes
Fully customizable subscription widget with 200+ design options ? X Yes
Condition Based Bulk Actions ? X Yes
*Last updated in October 2023 as per the information on their website and Shopify app store listing.


✅- Feature Available
❌- Feature Unavailable‍
❓- Could not find data. Please check the respective companies' websites for more information.

Choosing Between Recharge, Bold and Loop for Your Shopify Store

Both Recharge and Bold are well-respected subscription platforms, each offering a unique set of strengths. To make the best choice for your Shopify store, carefully consider the level of flexibility, customization, and integration that your business requires.

Hundreds of brands have migrated from Shopify apps like Recharge & Bold subscriptions to Loop.  

We offer all the features as Recharge vs. Bold, same set of integrations, better customization, lower transaction fees, and exceptional customer support (see our reviews for best DTC subscriptions app)

This makes us an ideal choice for any online DTC brand looking to supercharge their eCommerce subscriptions.

Summing up the main reasons why you should also choose Loop over Recharge vs Bold

Let’s give you a quick summary here. Loop Subscriptions stands out for its commitment to offering superior value and efficiency to businesses. By switching from platforms like Recharge Payments and Bold Subscriptions to Loop, brands can save nearly 40% in subscription app costs due to our significantly lower transaction fees.

Now, let's delve into the key reasons why Loop surpasses its competitors:

  1. Automated Subscriber Journey: Loop Subscriptions introduces Loop Flows, a groundbreaking feature that revolutionizes subscription programs by gamifying the subscriber journey and rewarding customer engagement. This innovative approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts retention rates and revenue generation.
  2. Modern UI & Interface: Built on a modern tech stack, Loop Subscriptions boasts the most user-friendly and intuitive interface available. Whether managing bundles or navigating the customer portal, businesses find it effortless to scale their subscription programs with Loop. The sleek design and streamlined functionalities ensure a seamless experience for both businesses and customers alike.
  3. Lower Cost & around 40% Cost Reduction: Loop brands save nearly 40% in subscription app costs by switching from legacy apps like Recharge Payments & Bold Subscriptions because our transaction fees is much less

By choosing Loop Subscriptions over Recharge and Bold, businesses can not only optimize their subscription models but also unlock a wealth of benefits that empower growth and success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Get in touch with us if you are looking to streamline your subscription management process and looking for a better customer experience.

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