Making subscriber experience great ties directly to a boost in your revenue. In this blog we're offering 11 easy ways of improving the subscriber journey and boosting your CLTV in no time.

How does a great subscriber experience increase subscription revenue for DTC brands? (2024 Update)

Making subscription management easy for customers is important. What if brands could go one step ahead and offer their customers an amazing subscriber experience? 

In the eCommerce world, there has always been some chatter about customer experience but we want to talk about subscriber experience and how it directly impacts your revenue.

Here’s where we come in and offer you 11 solid ways with which you can improve your revenue with a great subscriber experience:

01. Fast revenue with a fast-loading widget & native Shopify checkout

When a customer lands on the product page, it’s important to make subscriptions preferable over one time purchases. This can be done by using an attractive subscription widget that stands out.

  • The widget should not impact the loading speed
  • 1-click (native Shop Pay) checkout ensures super-fast payments

Furthermore, dynamic discounts on your subscription, say 10% for products delivered every 2 weeks and 20% for products delivered every week, can boost subscription sign-ups.  

02. Personalize subscription & improve AOV with powerful builder-boxes

Build a box subscriptions are changing how customers buy by letting them create their dream subscription box.

  • Build a box subscriptions have a potential for almost any industry.
  • You choose what product customers can add to their box, how many, and at what price.
  • Customers have the freedom to make their own selection.
  • By adding more product, customers purchase a higher AOV than average with build-a-box

Customers enjoy a DIY experience that's highly personal and customized.

03. Improve AOV with bundles that deliver combined benefit

Bundling products that collectively deliver a unique benefit to customer is a great way of improving your AOV.

Bundles like these have more value collectively than each one sold individually.

If you are planning to combine best-selling products with your least populars products in a bundle, then you should consider offering discounts for such bundles (leverage automatic discounts in Shopify to add discounts to many bundles in a single go)

04. Increase revenue pipeline by offering free trial to new subscribers

To remove any hesitation for new subscribers, you can use Loop flows and offer them a free trial.

They will receive a free product for the first time post which the customers will be charged for it on a weekly/monthly basis. 

Giving customer a free trial eliminates any hesitation of trying a new product and adds more value to your pipeline.

05. Boost revenue this holiday season with gift subscriptions

In Loop you can set up a prepaid subscription where the sender pays upfront for the entire subscription duration and the receiver of the gift gets it regularly (say every week).

Gifting subscriptions is a great way of boosting your revenue during holiday season (as recommended by a lot of Shopify experts)

06. Make subscriptions flexible with a great customer portal

Make the process of logging in to your portal effortless with a magic login link sent to your customer via email.

Furthermore the portal should be optimised for mobile and give them complete freedom to:

  • Skip
  • Swap
  • Pause
  • Merge
  • Reschedule
  • Cancel

And entirely manage their subscriptions in no time.

07. Rewarding your subscribers to improve LTV

Loop flows lets you create gamified subscriber journeys for your subscribers.

Want to mail a trial product after their 3rd order? Check. A gift after their 5th order? Check. A 20% discount if they refer a friend? Check.

You can also show your customers in their portal how many orders they’re away from receiving a reward - this reinforces the buyers to stay subscribed for a longer time and improves LTV.

08. Keep subscribers engaged with notifications

It’s important to keep your customers informed & engaged at each point in their subscription journey using SMSes and emails. With Loop you can send an email/SMS when:

Subscribers who are engaged frequently stay in touch with your brand and are more likely to be retained for the longer run.

09. Upselling subscribers

Subscriptions are convenient. But sometimes they can also get repetitive. To keep things interesting you can always recommend your subscribers one-time products.

One-time upsells can be enabled easily in the customer portal and adds more value to your customer's experience while increasing your AOV.

It's a simple tactic that goes well with all box subscriptions (even the box subscriptions that appeared on Shark Tank)

10. Reducing cancellations with flows

Customers can often cancel their subscription for many reasons. But before they cancel you can show your subscribers a warm, emotional GIF - asking them not to cancel.

If they still try to cancel - you can ask them the reason, and against each reason you can offer them alternative options like skip, swap, pause subscription.

If they still cancel, you can keep track of all the cancellation reasons and reduce your cancellations accordingly.

11. Using videos to sell subscriptions

Customers can watch videos in reel format, see the products in the video and subscribe without ever leaving the video.

These videos can be added on the product pages easily. Videos engage your subscribers unlike anything else.

Moreover the ability to subscribe quickly from the video leads to faster decision making.

Checkout Videowise to know how.

And that’s about it. With these eleven solid ways you can proactively increase your subscription revenue and offer your customers and out-of-world subscriber experience with Loop.

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PS: Because of our obsession to provide the best subscriber experience, we got featured in Shopify Spotlight.

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