Our latest feature - Loop Bundles offers you a customised no-code way of building stunning build-a-box pages that improve your AOV by increasing customer cart value with box subscriptions.

Launching Loop Bundles for subscription first DTC brands

Last quarter, we tested our no-code bundle box-builder and had a few of our customers trying it out. The beta release garnered a highly positive response from our select merchants.

Here is how our merchants used bundles on their product pages to improve AOV.

We are excited to announce that now we have released Loop bundles for all Shopify brands 🎉


Here is what you can expect in our new release:

01. Flexibility In Customer Portal To Edit Bundles

With Loop, bundles are integrated in the customer portal where subscribers can edit their box subscription however they want. 

Subscribers can easily add, remove, and swap products inside a box. They can also add one-time products to their bundles, expedite, delay, skip, pause or cancel a running bundle subscription. 

This helps reduce subscription related tickets big-time as customers are 100% self-serve  instead of relying on support agents to manage their subscriptions.


02. Easily Manage Bundle Inventory

The existing apps in the market require brands to create a dummy product and map it to the individual products in a box. The problem with this is that sometimes the mapping doesn’t work and brands end up with an incorrect inventory forecast.

Loop Bundles doesn’t require you to create any dummy products. Our builder box orders are placed with already existing SKU in Shopify. Therefore Shopify will always receive the order for individual items and brands will see an accurate inventory forecast.

With our bundle related metafields sent with every subscription order, you will know which items are bundle items and which are non-bundle.


03. Easily Sell Bundles As One-Time Products

Many customers who want to subscribe to bundle boxes would be comfortable buying it once before they actually start a subscription.

One-time bundle purchase makes it easier for customers to try before they subscribe to the box. Moreover after the one-time purchase, merchants can make it lucrative for customers to subscribe to the box they’ve tried by highlighting the discount and savings available on a bundle subscription.


04. Specialised Reporting For Bundle Boxes (Coming Soon)

Loop Bundle’s will give you exclusive reporting on bundle boxes. You’ll be able to get separate insights on:

  • How many box subscriptions the store is running?
  • What are the box subscription products that are being sold?
  • How many box orders have been processed?
  • Inventory forecast for fulfilling box subscription orders

Specialised reporting for bundle boxes makes it easier for the business to evaluate box subscription as a separate profit unit as compared to other products.


Loop Bundle’s Added Functionalities:

  1. Brands can style their pages, customise their own copies and add their own CSS for greater customisation.
  2. Products can be added as drafts and out-of-stock products can be hidden or disabled by merchants.

With Loop Bundles, setting up a build-a-box page on your website is a one-hour job: Box subscriptions featured on Shark Tank, are you listening?

Our software already has all the basic functionality up and ready. You just have to set up your products and your bundle box will be up and running in no time. 

Set up Loop Bundles on your Shopify store in one-hour without coding or take a live experience now.
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