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Recharge vs Stay Ai - Choose Between the Two Prominent Subscription Platforms

Vipul Babbar
March 12, 2024

Recharge vs. Stay Ai (Retextion) vs Loop: Choose Between Prominent Subscription Platforms

In this post, we dive into a thorough comparison between two subscription platforms- Recharge and Stay Ai (previously Retextion) and an alternative to both- Loop

We will give you a clear-cut breakdown of their pricing and plans, key features, customization possibilities, and how well they integrate with other tools.

Recharge: An Established Subscription App

Recharge is renowned among Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce brands, often viewed as the seasoned leader in subscription management. This platform boasts a strong foothold in the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sector, thanks to its long-standing reputation and experience.

Quick Features Overview of Recharge Payments

Recharge Subscriptions has a lot of features for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) subscription management. When brands sign up for Recharge, they get a subscriber portal for customers, merchant admin for subscription management, operations, adjustments, selling plan settings and much more. Recharge also has inbuilt analytics and reporting capabilities.

Recharge Payments Pricing

Recharge's pricing structure is predominantly transaction-volume-based, catering to businesses of various scales. There are three different plan options on its website, with prices starting at $99. Each plan varies in features offered. In their Standard plan, they also levy a transaction fee of 1.25% plus 19 cents per order.

Recharge Support & Integrations

Recharge offers customer support on email, phone and other channels. It has integrations with many Shopify apps and other apps. Recharge integrates with various apps such as Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, TapCart, and more. The complete integration directory is present on their website. To get a better understanding of Recharge's support quality, check out their reviews on the Shopify App Store.

A key factor that convince brands to migrate from Recharge to Loop is our superior support and attractively priced plans that offer a comprehensive set of features.

Why is Loop Considered a Great Alternative to Recharge

We've created a platform based on the insights and feedback of the DTC community. We have a lot of no-code and DIY customization options that are typically missing in other subscription apps.

Our USPs over other apps include:

  • Fully customizable customer portal and bundle builder
  • In inbuilt smart dunning management feature.
  • Automate and personalize subscriber experiences with Loop Flows.
  • No-code custom cancellation flow builder with in-depth analytics.

Loop Subscriptions' pricing model caters to both high-growth brands and established businesses. Our pricing model is transparent and economical with a mere 0.75% transaction fee and absolutely no extra costs - that's right, 0¢ per order.

Now, let's dive into a comprehensive comparison between Loop and Recharge.

Stay Ai (Previously Retextion): New app in the ecosystem

Quick Feature Overview of Stay Ai

Stay Ai is an emerging app in the subscription management field. Stay Ai has features such as RetentionEngine™, ExperienceEngine™, customer portal and communication, analytics and optimization and subscription basics.

Stay Ai Pricing

Stay Ai has one visible plan on their website that offers all the features-  $499 per month and 1%+$.19 transaction fees. Other than that, they also offer custom plans on their pricing page.

Support & Integrations

Stay Ai integrates with a lot of Shopify apps- Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, ARPU, ReferralCandy and more. Stay Ai has earned a reputation for providing personalised support and committed account management. It helps businesses fully leverage their subscription platform for maximum value. See Stay Ai's Shopify App Store reviews to gain a better idea of the calibre of their support.

What brands like about Loop is the promptness to help, incorporate new feature requests, and support in ideations to increase subscriptions.

And that’s why brands prefer Loop over Stay Ai when deciding between new subscription apps.

Why do Brands Choose Loop Over Stay Ai

Our platform offers an array of capabilities and customizations that set it apart from Stay Ai. Brands that migrated from Stay Ai to Loop noted a significant enhancement in their customer portal's UI/UX and a reduction in subscription management support tickets.

Some of the features that made those brands make the switch:

  • Bulk changes capabilities for managing subscriptions.
  • Inbuilt Dunning management solution.
  • Feature to create personalized cancellation flows, based on customer revenue and total order history.
  • Comprehensive analytics with exportable and cohort retention reports.
  • Flexible customization using JavaScript (JS) and CSS.
  • Add sections inside customer portal to run promotional campaigns like Black Friday, with additional discounts for subscribers.

Loop Subscriptions' pricing is tailored for all business sizes, ideal for both startups and large companies. Our fees are just 0.75% per transaction, with no extra costs — 0¢ per order.

Also, see a detailed comparison Loop vs Stay Ai.

Recharge vs Stay Ai vs Loop Comparison Table

Recharge Stay Ai Loop
Transaction Fees 1% 1% 0.75%
Shopify App Reviews 1505* 39* 208*
No-code bundle builder ? ? Yes
Advanced Cancellations Analytics
Includes bar trends of the last 6 months of cancellation reasons, Average orders before cancellation
? ? Yes
Add A Free Merch (Product) On 5th (Any) Order
Gamify customer portal by adding a banner - “X orders away from free merch”. Increases LTV
Not possible without a developer
Not possible without a developer
Gifts for subscriber segments in exit survey [No coding required] ? ? Yes
Inbuilt Smart Dunning Solution ?
Most Merchants that migrated to Loop were using Churnbuster
X Yes

Last updated on 1st Feb, 2024*

✅- Feature available
❌- Feature unavailable
❓- Could not find data. Please check the respective companies' websites for more information.

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