With Loop Flows, brands can completely automate subscriber rewards like a free gift on the second order, a 10% discount on the fifth order, a free product trial on the seventh order, a quick product swap on the tenth order and so on.

6 Brands changing the subscription game with Loop Flows

DTC brands across Shopify are changing the subscription game with Loop Flows. Our power packed feature uses if-then logic to completely automate the entire subscriber journey from start to end.

From free shipping to automated product discounts, Loop flows can do more than what you imagine for your subscriber journey. Here are 7 practical use cases of brands that are actively using Loop flows to excite and engage their subscriber base.

Free Shipping Flow & Unbundling Flow | Patch Brand 

Patch Brand sells vitamin patch subscriptions. It uses four different types of Loop Flows - one for free shipping and three for unbundling its bundle vitamin packs.

Free Shipping Flow: Patch Brand uses an if-else logic to give free shipping after 2 deliveries.

How this flow works:

  • On the third delivery of any product, the subscriber is eligible for free shipping. A discount code is automated after two orders which enables free shipping.

Unbundling Flow: When someone purchases a bundle pack with multiple vitamin patches, Loop un-bundles it from the second delivery onwards. 

How this flow works: 

  • Instead of a bundle subscription with six products, this flow creates six different product subscriptions.
  • The flow keeps the bundle subscription ongoing while giving customers the flexibility to add or remove products from an ongoing subscription as they like.

Automated Discount Flows | Nature’s Harvest 

Nature’s Harvest is a dog food brand that is automating the entire subscriber journey for its customers using Loop Flows. It has flows starting from the 5th order and extending up till the  70th order. Subscriber journey automated for 6 years!

Automated discounts flow: Nature’s Harvest rewards loyalists with progressively greater rewards. How their flows work is simple:

  1. £5 discount every 5th order
  2. 10% discount on 15th order
  3. 20% discount on 30th order

…..and so on. These custom discounts are automated till the 70th order. The logic works in a very simple way. If the successful order count is X, then a discount type gets automatically activated on that order which is either a fixed amount discount or a percentage discount.

Refill Flow | Mushroom Design

Mushrooms are as big as coffee these days. Mushroom design sells mushroom supplements which form a daily dose of nutrition for its subscribers.

Refill Flow: The Loop Flow used here is a Refill Flow. 

How this flow works: 

  • After the customer places an order for their supplement, from the second order onwards it is swapped with a 30-day refill pouch every month.
  • This is not just convenient, it also solves for environmental sustainability, as the subscriber won’t be receiving the container box again and again - just the refill pouches.

Product Swap Flows | Get Into The Limelight

Get Into The Limelight is a beauty brand which offers multiple kinds of starter packs to their customers. 

Product Swap Flow: Get Into The Limelight’s starter packs come along with an individual SKU like a Tanning Mousse along with beauty accessories like mittens.

How this flow works: 

  • Once the customer purchases this starter pack, after the first delivery it is swapped by the individual SKU. 
  • From the next delivery onwards they receive only the individual SKU - not the additional accessories. 

Product Swap Flow works like a charm here✨

Free Gifts & Free Shipping Flows | Campus Protein

Campus Protein (migrated from Recharge) offers protein subscriptions. It uses Loop Flows to offer free gifts and free shipping to specific subscribers.

  • Free Gifts After X Orders: Campus Protein has two different Free Gift Flows - a free gift after second order and another free gift after the sixth order.
  • Free Shipping Flow: Campus Protein offers free shipping to its members on all subscription orders. It uses customer tags to identify those members and then adds a free shipping discount code for their avail

Training Program Flow | Everwell Canada

Everwell Canada offers online gym training and consultation. It has multiple training programs starting from 3 months to 12 months. These are currently powered by six different Loop Flows which makes use of product swapping.

Product Swap Flow: For their Impulsion training program (3 months), the subscriber is charged $229 per month followed by $119 per month from the second month onwards.

How this flow works: 

  • To enable this Product Swap Flow - two separate SKUs are created for the same training program, one costing $229 and the other costing $119. 
  • When the subscription is activated, the $229 SKU is charged and immediately swapped with the $199 SKU which is then charged for the next two months.

Loop Flows works for all use-cases...

Loop Flows is the best way to improve your operational efficiency at scale. With the help of automation and improved logics, your brand can use our Shopify subscriptions app to enhance your subscriber journey.

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