Loop got featured within Shopify spotlight in October 2022. We share our takeaways and insights from what it means to be featured in Spotlight.

Here is a short story on how we got listed on Shopify Spotlight!

We started out as a simple subscriptions Shopify app back in January 2022 (thank you Shopify for opening up subscriptions API!) with about 200 installations.

Cut to October 2022, we are now a featured subscriptions app on Shopify’s “In the Spotlight” section with 1500+ happy merchants! We are really proud to be chosen as one of the recommended all-in-one Shopify subscriptions management apps for DTC brands

Loop has seen tremendous growth in the last 9 months! All thanks to our customers and the people here at Loop for making this possible.

While looking back at these 9 months, we realized the real reasons how we got so far and what worked really well for us as a Shopify app: 

01. Building an app that works for the community

One can build the most complex and high-end Shopify app but if it doesn’t meet what the customer wants then it will be of no use. 

That’s why we always prioritise customer feedback and constantly strive to make our product better for all subscription-first DTC brands.  

As a result of this hard work and customer obsession, we also recently attained a solid 5 star rating on the Shopify app store!

Checkout more of our app reviews on Shopify app store.

02. 1-Click Shopify Native Checkout & Shopify Markets

As with all the new subscription apps in the market, Loop integrates perfectly with native Shopify checkout to enable 1-Click payments.

What makes us different from these apps is our onboarding process and how easy it is to setup Loop on a Shopify store.  

One of our app highlights (as tested by the Shopify App community) is that our widgets don’t have any impact on the page speed of your product pages.

A fast page equals a great customer experience. All this is possible because our app is built on a modern tech stack - Reach, Next.js, Nest.js & Edge Functions.

Moreover, we also support Shopify markets that make it easy for merchants to sell their subscription products worldwide.

All these factors have contributed to Loop becoming a preferred partner for subscription-first DTC businesses all across the globe!

03. Providing world-class support to our merchants

We live for our merchants. They help us become the best versions of ourselves. Our end goal is to become the go-to growth partner for all subscription-first DTC brands. That’s why we are committed to providing the best possible customer support in the world.

Here is a testament to our commitment => 

It is a real honour to get featured in the Shopify spotlight section. This simply validates our commitment to building a product that matters for stores on the Shopify platform.

See us live at Shopify spotlight from 19th to 26th October 2022!

PS: A lot of brands migrated to Loop during the Spotlight week. Compare Loop with Recharge here.
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