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Loop integrates with a range of apps across Marketing Ops, Customer Service, UI/UX and Loyalty to retain subscriber context.

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Marketing Operations 
Send subscription events to Klaviyo for contextual marketing
  • Trigger transactional emails based on events like subscription purchased, upcoming order, payment failed, order skipped etc.
  • 1-Click export of key segments like active subscription count, products subscribed, next subscription date etc. for campaigns.
  • Wide range of personalization parameters for Klaviyo drip campaigns.
Close the SMS loop with Attentive
  • SMS notifications for key subscription events like subscription started, upcoming order, failed payment, order updates, subscription update etc.
  • Share password-less and OTP-less magic links with subscribers via SMS. They can access their account anytime, slashing your support tickets
  • Contextual SMS marketing for segments based on subscription events
  • Reactivation campaigns with 1-click reactivation links embedded in the SMS
Reduce payment failures with Loop X Attentive
Nuanced understanding of subscriber behaviour by integrating Loop data with Google Analytics
  • Real-time streaming of Subscriber ID to GA when a billing is attempted. Comprises of eCommerce metadata like products, price, quantity, shipping info etc. 
  • Analyse standard GA reports around acquisition, engagement and conversions of subscribers. 
  • Server-side integration that bypasses need to add Loop code snippets. No impact on load-time.
Customer Support
360 view of your subscriber relationships inside Gorgias
  • Get subscription data right inside the Gorgias interface right next to customer tickets
  • Quick action buttons inside the Gorgias interface for agents so that they do not leave the Gorgias workspace. Agents can take action on behalf of subscribers to resolve tickets faster from Gorgias panels.
  • Push emails to subscribers from Gorgias
Reduce support tickets with Gorgias
Landing Page Builders
Drag and drop Loop widgets over Gempages & Pagefly product pages
  • Compatible with Liquid themes in Gempages and Pagefly
  • Just drag and drop Loop widgets over product pages. Loop widgets are one line code snippets that load blazingly fast
UGC & Loyalty Software
Let your subscribers apply their accrued points and discounts. 
  • Works with and
  • Let subscribers apply discount codes generated by and in their orders. Works for accrued loyalty points too.
  • Points, rewards and discounts are easily accessible via the Customer Portal
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