12 Beautiful subscription widgets powered by Loop

Subscription Widgets
Karan Chaudhary
Last Updated On:
May 3, 2023

Subscriptions sell fast when they look good. 

Making subscriptions preferable over one-time purchase is easy when you have a great subscription widget.

Here are 12 beautiful subscription widgets powered by Loop. 

Patch Brand

What’s the best way to sell a vitamin patch? Build a stunning product page and offer a subscription option that clearly stands out!

The Girlfriend Doctor

Awesome protein shakes that form a part of your daily diet. Who would not want to subscribe to that?

Lilac St.

Eyelash extensions are trending. But they’re not a one-time thing anymore. Subscriptions are possible everywhere!

Molly J.

CBD candies that let you chill. Mind Blowing! But who wants to chill just once? Make them candy subscriptions go live so people can chill all the time.


No one can have chai just once and forget about it. For every other time there’s a tea subscription awaiting your customers.

Organic Life Start

Baby food subscriptions are so important. To make sure your toddlers grow healthy, wealthy and wise!

Rise Gardens

For gardeners who need a nutrient mix every 3-4 months, there’s a subscription available that’s convenient and ready to go.

Bears With Benefits

Sure you don’t get German but you do get German Gummies that boost your immunity. Subscriptions available here ->

Mel Science

No better way to teach your kids science than a MEL science subscription box!

The First Refresh

Give your mothers a facial refresh every month with a great skincare subscription!


Subscribe to a great gym training program every 2 weeks and get in shape even before other’s make a new year resolution.


Drinks that taste yum and give you your daily dose of vitamins. Get them delivered to your house every 7 days and that too at a discount. It’s possible with a subscription!

A beautiful subscription widget works wonders for your business and improves subscriber experience.

Install our app and set one up in Loop now!

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