MARCH 2022

How did Pane Vivo - a French bread brand increased AOV by 10% using Loop’s Customer Portal

Pane Vivo upgraded to Loop's Customer Portal V2 and started upselling their goods on the portal. In less than 4 weeks they saw their AOV jump up by 10%.

Increase In AOV

TL;DR? Checkout this short & sweet Twitter thread.

Loop is helping us get to the next level in terms of our subscription business.

Adriano Farano

Founder - Pane Vivo

Pane Vivo - One stop shop for healthy bread

Pane Vivo is a French bread brand offering subscriptions to its customers using Loop. Pane Vivo specialises in creating bread that is not only delicious but also promotes healthy living.

The bakery uses an ancient variety of durum wheat flour and a sourdough, known as "Viviana," which has been passed down for five generations.

How Pane Vivo Switched to Loop’s Customer Portal V2 For Upselling 

Pane Vivo was earlier using Loop’s Customer Portal V1. Soon they were switched to V2 where the Upselling feature was activated. Pane Vivo benefitted from Upselling in 2 ways:

01. Upselling products as both one-time & subscription

Pane Vivo’s products were sold via customer portal upsell as both one-time and subscriptions.

To do this they had to activate all the upsell products as subscriptions but hide the subscription selling plan on the PDP. 

More on this here.

02. Deciding what products to upsell

Pane Vivo then had to select what all products they wanted to recommend as an Upsell to subscribers inside the customer portal.

03. Upsell gets activated on Customer Portal

This is how the Upsell looked like once it was activated on the customer portal.

Result: Customer Portal Upselling Improved AOV By 10% In <4 Weeks For Pane Vivo

Just by activating a simple Upsell feature in the portal, Pane Vivo was able to increase their AOV by 10% in under 4 weeks.

Your subscribers are the perfect group of people to upsell your other products as they already have a recurring subscription going, and can easily add a one-time purchase to their upcoming order.

Here are 3 more ways you can Upsell your subscribers.

Try Loop Upsell here and boost your AOV.

Abel Leslie

Chief Migration Specialist at Loop Subscriptions

Hey, I handle all the migrations here at Loop. Hit me up if you have any questions related to Migrating from any Legacy subscriptions apps and I'd be happy to guide you through it.

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