Pane Vivo

Loop is helping us get to the next level in terms of our subscription business.
Adriano Farano
Founder - Pane Vivo
Published on
17 September 2023
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About the brand

Pane Vivo is a French bakery offering bread subscriptions to its customers. Pane Vivo specialises in creating bread that is not only delicious but also promotes healthy living.

It's a natural tendency for Pane Vivo customers to try out different variety of bread or complimentary products.

How Pane Vivo Used Loop’s Customer Portal For Upselling 

Back in 2021, Pane Vivo were on Loop’s Customer Portal V1.  After they switched to V2, they activated the Upselling feature inside the portal.

Pane Vivo benefitted from Upselling in 2 ways:

01. Upselling products as both one-time & subscription

Pane Vivo’s products were sold via customer portal upsell as both one-time and subscriptions.

upselling section inside Loop

To do this they had to activate all the upsell products as subscriptions but hide the subscription selling plan on the PDP. 

02. Deciding what products to upsell

Pane Vivo then had to select what all products they wanted to recommend as an Upsell to subscribers inside the customer portal.

recommended products section inside Loop

Upselling section inside Customer Portal

Subscribers could easily add one-time purchase or another subscription to their ongoing subscription.

upselling inside customer portal
Loop's customer portal makes it easy for brands to leverage upselling

Result: AOV improved by 10% in less than 4 weeks

When Pane Vivo activated the Upsell feature in the portal, they were able to increase their recurring subscriptions (on going subscriptions) AOV by 10% in under 4 weeks.

Subscribers are the perfect group of people to upsell other products as they already have a recurring subscription going, and can easily add a one-time purchase to their upcoming order.

Here are 3 more ways you can Upsell your subscribers.