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Published on
17 September 2023
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CampusProtein, a 12 year old popular college supplement brand migrated from Recharge to Loop in Q4, 2022.
They have a strong loyal subscriber base across many universities in the USA.

Over the years, the brand has evolved since then to become a multi-million dollar business. Checkout their growth story on Shopify Masters.
The founders of this brand also run another popular DTC brand, BEAM Be Amazing

Subscriptions background on Recharge

CampusProtein wanted to grow their subscription business but their growth got stuck on Recharge.
The legacy app held back the brand with 3 major limitations:

  • CampusProtein was using legacy plan checkout and not able to improve their conversion rate.
  • Previous customer portal wasn’t 100% self-serve and led to high support tickets
  • They weren’t growing fast enough and were looking for a better subscription partner

Their team started searching for alternatives to Recharge .

That's when they discovered Loop Subscriptions. CampusProtein jumped on a call with Loop and were super impressed by our feature set.

5 Reasons Why CampusProtein switched from Recharge to Loop

1. Gamifying Supplement Subscription With Loop Flows

CampusProtein gives a free Blender Bottle on the second subscription order- This reduced 2nd order churn.

They also give free Carnitine on the 6th subscription order- Keeps loyal subscribers engaged.
This level of subscriber reward automation can be easily done with Loop Flows. Read how they setup this automation inside Loop Flows

Send a free gift on second subscription order
Takes just 30s to set-up a reward automation

2. Bringing the power of subscriptions and community together

Paid memberships help CampusProtein build a community of people with exclusive benefits.
CampusProtein used Inveterate, a Shopify app to manage their memberships

Using “inveterate-subscriber” as customer tag in Loop, CampusProtein was able to put its members on the free shipping selling plan.
This improved their CLTV and subscriber retention.

Loop Flow to add member tag to subscription

3. Easy subscription management inside Loop to reduce tickets

One of the major concerns of CampusProtein was high subscription tickets. 

To reduce tickets, CampusProtein leveraged a subscription login page where subscribers could enter their emails and have a magic login link delivered to their inboxes.

Loop’s customer portal login is OTPless and passwordless which reduced tickets by making subscription management self-serving.

Try out Loop’s customer portal live in action. 

4. Better features at lower transaction fees

When CampusProtein did a feature comparison between Loop & Recharge, they realised they were getting a great deal with Loop

New cancellation flow features, a dedicated CSM and software at a lower price compared to Recharge. 

Compare the pricing on our feature comparison page

5. Custom Subscription Widget To Drive Revenue Growth

CampusProtein customised their subscription widget to convince more customers to sign up for subscriptions.

Instead of a standard 30 day billing frequency, CampusProtein changed the billing frequency options to 25, 50 & 75 days.

A shortened billing cycles is quick growth hack to increase recurring subscription revenue as opposed to new susbcription revenue.

subscription widget on CampusProtein product page

Seamless White Glove Migration From Recharge

CampusProtein’s migration from Recharge to Loop was super smooth and took only a couple of days.

In the migration process, we also set-up other important Shopify app integrations like Gorgias,, Klaviyo and Attentive with Loop.

review by CampusProtein team on our app store

CampusProtein’s team were so pleased that they also migrated BEAM supplements to Loop. Initially for that migration, they were comparing Recharge to Bold subscriptions

We have already done 350+ migrations from Legacy apps. Switch to Loop to increase your subscriptions LTV in 2023. Get in touch here