Our latest integration with Smile will simplify subscriber loyalty by making it easy to redeem loyalty points earned on subscription orders.

Smile X Loop integration -> boosting subscriber loyalty

How does a point-based loyalty reward work?

One of the most common types of loyalty programs by far—and probably the one you are most familiar with— is the point-based customer loyalty program. 

Concept: Subscribers earn points with every purchase they make along with other promo activities like referring a friend, leaving a review, following the brand’s social media accounts and so on.

Method: After collecting a certain number of points, the subscriber unlocks a coupon code in Smile which can be redeemed in Loop on their next subscription order or an entirely new subscription via Shopify’s native checkout.

Example: So if a customer gathers say 100 points, they can use it for say a $50 discount that can be redeemed on the next subscription order or a completely new subscription order.

Why Rewards + Subscriptions go hand-in-hand?

Integrating a rewards app like Smile with a subscription app like Loop makes the perfect sense for a subscription business, because customers are already making repeat purchases. 

With every dollar spent, they can gain points and unlock new rewards. This will help increase sales, boost customer satisfaction, and overall, support the creation of an authentic relationship. 

How does Loop + Smile integration work?

By integrating Loop Subscriptions with Smile, you can reward loyalty points to your subscribers based on their order activity.

These points can then be redeemed on subscription orders by applying discount codes generated by Smile.

This is how the integration works end-to-end:

  • Customers click on the Smile tab on your storefront and the rewards program will pop up. Customers can click on the Your Rewards tab and redeem their points for a coupon.
  • They will be provided a coupon code which they can copy using the clipboard icon. This discount code generated by Smile is fully compatible with Loop subscriptions. 
  • Customers can redeem these single-use discounts on their subscription orders using the customer portal. 
  • Brands can also apply the discounts on behalf of the customer using the merchant portal.
  • The code will be applicable on the upcoming shipment of an existing subscription or for a new subscription order.

The best part about the Loop + Smile integration is that a brand can have multiple different products and the customers might subscribe to one product, but then try out another and they can very easily use their loyalty points on those orders. 

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