Campus Protein engage subscribers through gifts when they complete X orders

About the brand and subscriptions program

Campus Protein is a 12-year old health and nutrition Shopify brand. Their protein supplement subscriptions are popular amongst university students.

They migrated from Recharge to Loop for a better subscription experience.

They run Autoship subscriptions on most of their products.

Rewards strategy of Campus Protein

Their team has created a milestone based rewards strategy

  • After the 2nd order, they send a branded Blender Bottle as a Free Gift. The gift both serves as brand recall and is a practical add-on to the subscription.
  • When a subscriber completes 6 orders, they send a product as a gift in the ongoing subscription order. They chose CP Carnitine as a free gift as it is one of the top reviewed products on their store.

How does Loop Flows help automate the Free Gifts rewards strategy

Campus Protein has setup two automation workflows that get triggered when a recurring order is placed on their store.

The first flow gets triggered when a subscriber has successfully completed two subscription orders.

Loop Flows automatically adds a Free CP BlenderBottle to the 3rd order in the ongoing subscription.

The second Loop Flow is triggered when a subscriber has successfully completed 6 orders in the same subscription. This flow works on the exact same principle as the previous one.

Check it out live here.

Loop Flows works for all subscription workflow use-cases

Loop Flows helps brands improve their operational efficiency at scale and build a gamified journey with personalised rewards.

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