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August 16, 2023
Andriy Rudnyk

How to Set Up the Ultimate Subscribe & Save Upsell for Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is a goldmine for new customer acquisition, however, not all customers are made equal.

Subscribers not only guarantee a stable revenue stream month’s after BFCM, but they also become ambassadors of trust and satisfaction for your brand. By focusing on cultivating these loyal customers, you will reduce the overheads tied to constant customer acquisition, benefit from invaluable feedback, and amplify word-of-mouth marketing. Amplifying subscription offerings this shopping season ensures not just immediate sales but also lays the groundwork for sustained profitability and brand loyalty.

Guide to the Ultimate Subscribe & Save Upsell Setup for this BFCM:

1. Implement the Good Subscription Upsell widget:

Use the Good Subscription Upsell app together with your Loop subscription app on your Shopify store to boost subscription revenue growth. Our app offers elegant and powerful upselling tools, is backed by extensive split testing, and is currently available for a 60-day trial to Loop Subscriptions users!

Just make sure you have it set up well before BFCM to ensure smooth functioning.

2. Make Sure Your Shopify Theme is Up to Date:

Make sure you’re using a Shopify 2.0 theme for the smoothest setup, as 1.0 themes will soon lose many of their features and won’t support many top-tier apps.

3. Customize for Your Brand:

Once installed, head over to your Shopify theme customizer, pick a product, and add the subscribe and save widget from the Good Subscription Upsell app.

Tweak the style to match your brand. This includes button colors, border radius, background colors, and more.

Here are some examples of beautiful subscription widgets templates

4. Make Subscribing Irresistible:

For BFCM, consider giving an additional discount on subscriptions. For example, if you regularly offer a 10% discount, make it 15 or 20% for BFCM.

Consider offering free gifts or other perks for subscribers. Highlight these offers prominently on your product pages.

5. Address Concerns Head-On:

Use pop-up icons to address common concerns about subscriptions. For example, you can have a pop-up that highlights the flexibility and convenience of the subscription.

Use clear text to convey benefits and policies, such as easy cancellation and savings.

Show, don't just tell. If you claim the subscription is easy to manage, display a gif or video showing how simple the process is.

6. Optimize Conversion:

Pre-select the subscribe and save option. Data has shown this doesn't deter one-time purchasers but increases the number of subscribers.

Use dynamic text around the Add to Cart button, promoting the subscription or emphasizing the benefits of subscribing.

7. Overcome Skepticism:

For those hesitant to subscribe, make sure all subscription benefits are easily accessible and clear. Use images, gifs, and text to emphasize the advantages and eliminate any perceived risks.

Remember, subscribers are worth more than one-time customers. By focusing on building a robust and enticing subscription model this BFCM, you’ll be ensuring profits not just during the sale, but all year round.

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