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July 4, 2024
Vipul Babbar

Recharge vs. Awtomic vs. Loop: Which Shopify Subscription App is the best?

Subscription models are transforming the way people buy any product or service. But for shopify DTC brands, managing subscriptions can be a struggle. Juggling customer support, billing, and inventory - all of which can be time-consuming. 

A well-designed shopify subscription app can simplify these tasks, and smooth out many common challenges. 

If you are currently considering and comparing Recharge and Awtomic, explore Loop subscriptions

Let’s conduct a head-to-head comparison of Awtomic and Recharge in terms of features, pricing, support and integrations. 

Awtomic vs Recharge
Recharge Awtomic Loop
Advanced Cancellations Analytics X ? Yes
Includes bar trends of the last 6 months of cancellation reasons, Average orders before cancellation X ? Yes
Add A Free Merch (Product) On 5th (Any) Order ? ? Yes
Gamify customer portal by adding a banner - "X orders away from free merch". Increases LTV ?
Not possible without developer
? Yes
Gifts for subscriber segments in exit survey [No coding required] ? ? Yes
Fully customizable subscription widget with 200+ design options ? ? Yes
Condition Based Bulk Actions ? ? Yes
*Last updated in October 2023 as per the information on their website and Shopify app store listing.


✅- Feature Available
❌- Feature Unavailable‍
❓- Could not find data. Please check the respective companies' websites for more information.

Choose between Recharge vs Awtomic Subscriptions

Recharge and Awtomic are good choices; each has strengths and weaknesses, so the best option depends on your requirements. 

Introduction to Awtomic Subscriptions 

Awtomic provides subscription services to DTC businesses and allows them to create personalised subscriptions that cater to customers' needs, increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value. Awtomic services include subscription management, an easy customer management portal, and integrations with top commerce apps. 

Features of Awtomic

  • Engaging subscription experiences - dynamic discounts, build-your-own boxes, surprise shuffles, giftable options, and batching deliveries for ultimate customer convenience.
  • Smart Add-Ons & Upsells - personalize offers with segmented suggestions, pair perfectly complementary products, create urgency with one-time deals or subscriptions, and grant exclusive or early access to high-demand items. 

Awtomic Pricing

Awtomic’s basic plan is called “Box Starter”, priced at $49 per month and is suitable for businesses that sell build-a-box options. For businesses that want to add subscriptions alongside build-a-box functionality, Awtomic’s Sub Starter plan starts at $149 per month with an additional 1% transaction fee and a 19-cent per order charge. Awtomic also offers Professional and Enterprise plans for $249 offering advanced features.

Recharge payments app for subscriptions

Recharge is a powerful subscription management app designed to help you gain more subscribers, increase average order value (AOV), reduce customer churn, and boost lifetime value (LTV).

Recharge features

Here are a few of Recharge subscriptions features: 

  • Flexible Subscription Options: Recharge offers subscriptions for various products, allowing customers to customize delivery schedules and payment plans to fit their needs.
  • Bundles & Promotions: Recharge helps businesses create bundled subscriptions and promotions to increase order value and attract new customers.
  • SMS Marketing: Recharge helps businesses connect with subscribers through targeted SMS campaigns to drive engagement and sales.

Recharge Subscription Pricing

On Recharge's website, you'll find three plan options, starting at $99 per month. Each plan offers a variety of features to cater to different business requirements. The standard plan incurs additional transaction fees of 1.25% and $0.19 per order.

You can check out their pricing below (last updated on 20 June 2024)

Recharge Subscriptions also offer a custom plan for businesses that includes all the features of their Standard and Pro plans.

Recharge Support and Integrations

Recharge has seamless integration with Shopify and other popular apps like Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, and TapCart, allowing you to manage your subscription business efficiently.

To learn more about Recharge Subscriptions support and features, look into their Shopify App reviews. These reviews can provide valuable insights into how Recharge helps businesses grow.

P.S. Also check out Recharge Support: Why high-quality support is crucial for a successful DTC brand. 

Why Brands Are Migrating to Loop Subscriptions

Here’s what sets Loop Subscriptions apart

🎮 Gamified subscriptions - Keep customers happy and coming back for more by transforming boring customer interactions into engaging experiences with personalised rewards. 

🖥️ Data-driven personalisation - leverage data to create targeted offerings and make them feel valued.

🎨 Fully customisable bundles and customer portal - Empower customers to add, remove, or swap items in their bundle, creating a personalised experience. You can offer these bundles as subscriptions or one-time purchases. 

P.S. Learn more about the feature here

💳 Integrated smart dunning management - Loop Subscriptions tackles failed payments and reduces churn. proactively identify potential issues, set automatic retries for declined cards, and offer flexible cancellation options. Loop subscriptions help you export data on at-risk subscribers for targeted win-back campaigns via SMS or email. 

🌊 Best-in-class cancellation flows - cancellation flows are designed to minimize churn and increase order frequency. Businesses can create custom retention campaigns right within the platform, using video, GIFs, or text to encourage subscribers to explore alternatives before canceling. Plus, detailed cancellation analytics dashboards provide valuable insights into why customers cancel and how those trends shift over time. 

Loop Pricing

Loop Subscriptions offers two subscription plans for shopify businesses.

  • Growth: This plan costs $99 per month with a 1% transaction fee.
  • Enterprise: This plan costs $399 per month with a 0.75% transaction fee.

You can also book a demo, to experience Loop Subscriptions features first-hand. 

Loop Support and Integrations

Loop Subscriptions is a strong contender for managing subscriptions on your shopify store. 

Known for its exceptional support and great integrations, here’s what makes Loop Subscription stand out: 

  • 5-star rating - Loop Subscriptions receives consistent praise for its responsive customer service and amazing features. 

Check them out here

  • Seamless Integration - Loop Subscriptions have integrations with top shopify apps allowing you to streamline your workflow, These integrations help you enhance customer experience. 

What else should I consider while choosing a subscription app? 

  • User Interface: How easy it is to use and navigate through the app and its features, especially for non-tech users. 
  • Reviews and ratings: Go through their shopify app store reviews to check what their existing users are saying about their app’s functionality and support. 
  • Free Trials: Do they offer free trials so you can check them out before committing? 
  • Comprehensive Help Centre: A comprehensive help centre ensures merchants find answers to their queries easily, minimizing their frustration. Check out how Help Centres are essential support options for subscription management.

Get in touch with us if you are looking to streamline your subscription management process and looking for a better customer experience.

Why you should choose Loop over Awtomic or Recharge

Loop Subscriptions empowers businesses to thrive in the competitive eCommerce landscape by optimizing their subscription business. Here's how:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Retention: Loop Flows gamifies the subscriber journey, making it more engaging and rewarding.
  • Simplified Management & Scalability: Loop's modern UI and user-friendly interface make managing and scaling subscription programs easy.
  • Reduced Costs: Loop Subscriptions lower transaction fees help businesses save significant costs compared to other shopify subscription apps.
  • Proven Success: Companies like Livingood Daily have achieved impressive results with Loop. They saw a 5x reduction in churn rate after switching from Recharge, demonstrating the platform's effectiveness.

Invest in Loop Subscriptions and streamline your subscription management while creating a superior customer experience that drives growth and success. 

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