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June 27, 2024
Vipul Babbar

Prive Subscriptions alternative: Comparing between Prive vs Recharge vs Loop: Which subscription platform is best for you?

Prive Subscriptions is an advanced subscription and membership management company specializing in helping businesses set up, migrate, and scale their subscription and membership models.Their solutions are designed to boost customer retention, increase average order value, and drive overall revenue growth for direct-to-consumer brands. In this blog - we will aim to cover the subscriptions offerings of Prive and see how they fare against the top subscription apps available on Shopify.

Prive offers a range of features tailored to high-growth and enterprise-level businesses. These include automated migration from other subscription platforms, customizable subscription management portals, advanced analytics, and various tools to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. Their platform supports diverse subscription types, such as prepaid subscriptions, gift subscriptions, subscription boxes, and more. They also provide robust automation capabilities to manage subscription workflows like free trials, product swaps, and loyalty rewards without manual intervention​

Features of Prive

The Prive Subscriptions app offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize subscription management and drive growth for businesses. 

Prive’s offerings and categorized under 3 segments - Grow, Optimize and Discover

Key features include automated migrations from other platforms, allowing seamless transitions without service interruptions. 

The app provides a highly specialized customer portal, enabling customers to manage their subscriptions easily via one-click actions for modifications, product swaps, and more. 

Prive's Customer Portal offers the following: 

- Multiple customizable portal templates to support a fully headless portal.

- No-code storefront widget editor

- Password-less hosted portal

- Template selection & no code customization

- Upsell carousel


Prive also also supports various subscription types, such as prepaid, gift subscriptions, and customizable bundles, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Advanced analytics and real-time activity logs give businesses deep insights into subscriber behaviors and subscription performance. 

Additionally, the app offers robust automation tools for tasks like free trials and loyalty rewards, flexible discount structures, and seamless integration with Shopify, ensuring a streamlined and personalized user experience

Prive Plans and Pricing

Prive has 3 plans - Core, pro and Enterprise Prive’s plans start from 299 USD +1% + $0.19 per subscription transaction

Here is the pricing for the plans offered by Prive:

  • The core plan is priced at 299 USD +1% + $0.19 per subscription transaction
  • The pro plan is priced at 499 USD +1% + $0.19 per subscription transaction
  • The enterprise plan has a custom pricing model

Prive Support

Prive has 30 reviews on Shopify App store - and an average rating of 5 stars- effective 11th June 2024 - Check here:

Here are a few of their reviews on App store:

Prive’s support offerings are categorised under various plan types - Core, Pro and Enterprise - a dedicated CSM is assigned for all plans with SLAs varying from 24 hour to 72 hour depending on the kind of plan - refer screenshot below.

Takeaways from the above section - Why is Loop a good alternative to Prive? 

  • Both Loop and Prive provide advanced subscription management
  • Loop has 2 plans - Growth and Enterprise - priced at 99 USD and 399 USD-Prive’s entry plan starts from 299. Loop provides a more economic plan to get started with advanced subscription management
  • Prive has about 30 reviews on Shopify app store with an average rating of 5 - Loop has about 300+ reviews - with an average rating of 5
  • Prive launched in 2022 - Loop launched in 2021

(For a detailed product comparison, scroll to the table below)

Recharge Subscriptions App for Introduction

Recharge is a popular app that has a broad set of offerings for shopify subscription management.

With Recharge, you can establish subscription choices for a wide array of products, enabling customers to tailor their delivery schedules and payment options to fit their individual requirements. Recharge also includes options for bundles and SMS functionality

Recharge features

Recharge, a leading subscription app, offers several features helping businesses grow their business. The features are aligned with the following goals

  • Acquire Subscribers
  • Increase AOV
  • Decrease churn
  • Increase LTV

Check out Recharge’s features page to learn more -

Recharge Subscription Pricing

Recharge provides several pricing plans. It’s important to assess your business's unique needs and scale when choosing a plan.

On Recharge’s website, three plan options are available, starting at $99. Each plan includes different features to suit various needs. Moreover, the Standard plan incurs an extra charge of 1.25% in transaction fees and $0.19 per order.

Recharge Support and Integrations

To learn more about Recharge's support, you can check their Shopify App reviews. 

Recharge offers robust support and integrates seamlessly with Shopify and various other applications like Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, TapCart, and more.

Why Brands Are Migrating to Loop

Many brands are choosing Loop for its exceptional support and competitively priced plans that offer a comprehensive feature set. A key driver of this migration is Loop's rapid support response and favorable pricing structure.

Why Loop is a Strong Alternative

Loop's platform is designed with direct feedback from the DTC community, ensuring it meets the specific needs of modern businesses. Key features include:

  • 🎨 Fully customizable bundles and portal
  • 💳 Integrated smart dunning management solution
  • 🎁 Loop Flows to automate and personalize subscriber experiences
  • 🌊 Best-in-class cancellation flows

Loop's flexible pricing is suitable for brands of all sizes, charging a low transaction fee of 0.75% of the total subscription value, with no additional charges.

Detailed Comparison: Features, Pricing, Support, Reviews

Loop Features and Functionality

Loop Subscriptions is highly regarded among Shopify store owners for its recurring billing and subscription management capabilities, boasting an average rating of 5 stars from over 300 reviews.

Key functionalities include:

  • Subscription Widgets: Allows brands to offer subscriptions directly on their product pages.
  • Subscriber Retention: Offers discounts and trials to maintain subscriber loyalty.

Loop Pricing

Loop offers a competitive pricing structure, charging only 0.75% transaction fees with no extra charges, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Loop has two plans: Growth and Enterprise, with the Growth Plan starting at $99 USD.

Loop Support and Integrations

For insights into Loop's support, check their Shopify App reviews. Loop seamlessly integrates with other Shopify apps and services, including popular payment gateways, shipping and fulfilment solutions, and CRM tools like Klaviyo, Attentive, Zapier, and more.

Loop has maintained a perfect 5 rating for 300+ reviews since its inception in 2021

Loop's Competitive Edge Over Prive and Recharge

Loop Subscriptions’ unique strengths include:

👾 Strong in-built gamification to incentivize subscribers

🎨 Fully customizable bundles and customer portal

💳 Integrated smart dunning management solution

🎁 Automated and personalized subscriber journeys with Loop Flows

🌊 Superior cancellation flows

Comparing Recharge, Prive, and Loop for Your Shopify Store

Recharge and Prive are reputable subscription platforms, each with unique strengths. However, Loop offers enhanced flexibility, customization, and integration capabilities, making it a preferred choice for many brands. Discover Recharge’s app on the Shopify app store.

Brands have transitioned from Recharge and Prive to Loop for its comprehensive features, seamless integrations, superior customization options, lower transaction fees, and outstanding customer support. Book a meeting with our team here.

Why Choose Loop Over Recharge and Prive?

Loop Subscriptions excels in delivering exceptional value and efficiency. By switching from Recharge Payments and Prive to Loop, brands can save nearly 40% in subscription app costs due to Loop's lower transaction fees.

Recharge vs. Prive vs. Loop Comparison Table

Recharge Prive Loop
Shopify App Reviews (effective 20 June 2024) 1767* 30* 306*
No-code bundle builder ? ? Yes
Advanced Cancellations Analytics
Includes bar trends of the last 6 months of cancellation reasons, Average orders before cancellation
X ? Yes
Add A Free Merch (Product) On 5th (Any) Order
Gamify customer portal by adding a banner - “X orders away from free merch”. Increases LTV
Not possible without a developer
Not possible without a developer
Gifts for subscriber segments in exit survey [No coding required] ? ? Yes
Fully customizable subscription widget with 200+ design options and Condition Based Bulk Actions ? ? Yes

Last updated on 1st Feb, 2024*

✅- Feature available
❌- Feature unavailable
❓- Could not find data. Please check the respective companies' websites for more information.

Key Advantages of Loop:

  • Automated Subscriber Journey: Loop Flows gamify the subscriber journey, enhancing satisfaction and boosting retention rates. See how Lilac Street increased their subscription revenue by 72.7% with Loop here.
  • Modern UI & Interface: Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to manage and scale subscription programs.
  • Cost Reduction: Save immensely in subscription app costs with Loop's lower transaction fees.

By choosing Loop Subscriptions, businesses can optimize their models and unlock benefits that drive growth and success in the competitive eCommerce landscape. Discover how Livingood Daily lowered their churn rate by 5X after migrating from Recharge to Loop here.

Streamline your subscription management and enhance customer experience with Loop Subscriptions.

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