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5 Ways Loop’s Customer Portal (for subscriptions) can drive high LTV

A good customer portal lets your subscribers manage their subscriptions. 

And a great customer portal increases your revenue and boosts subscriber retention!

Result ⇒ slashed churn, reduced tickets and boosted LTV.

Here are 5 solid ways Loop’s customer portal can ease your life as a DTC founder and drive high LTV for your subscription business.

01. Gamify Subscriber Rewards To Boost Retention & LTV

👉 Loop flows helps you set up subscriber rewards like free gift on 2nd order, 10% discount on 5th order, free product trial on 7th order and so on.

👉 You can gamify the customer portal to engage your subscribers by showing them how many orders they’re away from getting a reward 

02. Increase AOV With Customer Portal Upselling

👉 Upsell new product launches, gift cards and product trials to your loyal subscribers with exclusive discounts

👉 Enable customers to add one-time products with their upcoming orders directly on the customer portal 

03. Reduce Churn With Cancellation Surveys

Loop’s Customer Portal helps you engage with customers before cancellation - as good as calling them to ask why they’re going.

👉 When a customer clicks cancels, Loop engages them with a personal message (you can embed a Tik-Tok, Insta Reel, Gif or YouTube video)

👉 Further it prompts a cancellation survey where you can create your own reasons for cancellation and ask them to your subscribers 

👉You can offer different recommendations against different cancellation reasons

  • Have too much stock ⇒ Delay, Skip or Pause Subscription
  • Not satisfied with product quality ⇒ Offer Product Swap
  • Too expensive to continue ⇒ Offer One-Time Discount

👉As a last resort you can offer discount to reduce cancellations. This discount and its application can be completely controlled.

Loop’s Cancellation Flow Live In Action

04. Cut Down Customer Tickets & Save On Support Cost

Loop’s customer portal is easily accessible via a dedicated login page on your brand website   

👉 Password/OTP-less makes customer portal login easy. Subscribers get a magic login link mailed to their inbox

👉Mobile-friendly customer portal that works like app makes subscription mgmt easy. 

👉 1-Click Skip, Pause, Delay, Reschedule, Merge, Cancel Subscriptions empower customers to self-manage subscriptions

👉 1-Click Swap Products, Update Address, Change Frequency, Add Discounts options reduce subscriber tickets

P.S. If you are already using Gorgias, we have a native integration to offer live-chat support straight from the customer portal.

05. Next-Level Brand Personalisation

👉 Your customer portal should reflect your brand in every possible way 

👉 You can customise your portal end-to-end. Page background, CTAs, Pop-Ups, Sidebars, Upsell Cards & every piece of text visible to customer

👉 Personalise your portal with zero-coding knowledge

Loop's customer portal comes in all shapes & sizes

06. More Things Our Customer Portal Does For You

👉 Boost revenue by reactivating cancelled subscribers with one-click links sent via SMS/Email

👉 If a customer has more than one active subscriptions then they can be merged from the portal to save shipping cost

👉 Reduce passive churn by pushing at-risk customers to update their payment details directly from the customer portal

Try out Loop’s retention boosting customer portal that DTC founders love. 

PS: Our portal is one of the reasons why 200+ brands considered us as a trustworthy Recharge alternative and migrated their subscribers

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