Post BF/CM video CRO test to retain subscribers

Piyush Jain
Last Updated On:
January 24, 2023
5 Minutes

Our latest post BF/CM retention hack is to test out different video types in your customer portal as a part of your cancellation flow. Embed videos from the founder, influencers, or showcase transformational journeys to stop your subscribers from leaving.

This Tweet from Claudiu at Videowise sparked the idea for this post (check the end of the post for the final result).

Now that BF/CM is finally over, it’s time to take a well-deserved break and  come back fully charged for a new CRO test that will help you with post BF/CM retention (hope the good people at Gorgias add this to their list)

At Loop, we thought what if brands used the same hypothesis that Dr. Squatch used with Videowise ,i.e., embed videos in their customer portal to reduce subscription cancellation?

And you don’t need to come up with new videos to test this out. These could be the same videos that you create for ads, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. All you need to do is to repurpose the content, tweak the message to suit cancellations flow and embed it via your subscriptions app.

So we thought of three video types that are pretty popular within DTC community and can easily be tested inside the portal (not a classic A/B test but more of a time test):

Variant A: Message from The Founder

DTC founders thrive on motivation and inspiration. That’s what makes customers stick to products that have a strong founder influence.

An electrifying message from the founder to motivate subscribers to stay in it for the long run can prove to be a handy churn prevention tactic.

We would love to see such type of video for a founder who got featured on Shark tank.

Variant suitable for: Sustainability brands, Mission-driven brands, Pet brands (founders with their pets)

Variant B: Video by An Influencer

When DTC brands thrive on influencer videos to drive and convert traffic on PDPs, why not use those same videos within your portal to reduce churn?

Make that last minute influencer sway to convince people to stick with the product.

Variant suitable for: Content-led Brands, Influencer brands

Variant C: Real Subscriber Transformational Journey

Humans are moved by transformation videos. Just sticking with the product through the entire lifecycle can bring about beautiful change in the lives of the subscriber.

Again take a cue from PDP CRO tactics and applying them to prevent subscriber churn within the portal.

Variant suitable for: Supplements, Beauty, Babies/mommy products

We know you have worked to get those customers and subscribers during the whole BF/CM season. Don’t let your efforts go to waste.

With Loop, you can easily achieve this without the help of a developer (all you need is the video :P).

In case your current subscriptions app doesn’t allow you to do that, we offer a free white-glove migration service from all other subscriptions apps. 

Just drop us a message :D

PS: A 10% life in Revenue per session. That's the type of uplift Dr. Squatch saw after adding  video on their product detail page.

Dr. Squatch's review of Videowise