Good Protein's subscriber base skyrocketed by 400% in just four months after teaming up with Loop, turning around their struggle with high churn and sluggish growth.

Published on
17 September 2023
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Good Protein migrated from Stay AI to Loop because they struggled with their subscribers' growth, churn reduction etc. After migrating to Loop, they increased their subscribers' base by 400% and their churn reduced from 15% to approximately 5%

Good Protein's subscriber base skyrocketed by 400% in just four months after teaming up with Loop, turning around their struggle with high churn and sluggish growth.

Good Protein, a Canadian company, is on a mission to provide delicious and convenient plant-based protein shakes and healthy wellness products. Made with all-natural ingredients, their shakes come in a variety of flavors to fuel your healthy lifestyle. 

With 13,000+ five-star reviews, Good Protein is one of the top players in the health and nutrition industry. 

Let’s dive deeper into how Good Protein achieved these extraordinary results. 

Challenges Faced Before Loop

Before adopting Loop, Good Protein encountered several limitations that hindered their growth and efficiency:

Limited Pricing Flexibility: Good Protein wanted to personalize the subscribers’ journeys to engage their but inflexible pricing structures of the former system restricted Good Protein's ability to offer customized promotions, hampering their marketing strategies and hindering new subscriber acquisition.

Language Barriers: One of the challenges Good Protein faced was the incomplete translation of the previous customer portal into French, which affected their bilingual customers' experience, affecting user engagement and satisfaction.

Rigid Cancellation Processes: Each customer is different with different journeys with a product. If any cancellation happens, the reasons can vary from user to user. To understand each reason and offer a customized solution, Good Protein needed a customized cancellation process. Unfortunately, the previous service provider was not able to customize cancellation processes according to the customer value which presented challenges in optimizing retention efforts and effectively reducing churn.

The Switch to Loop

Here is how Loop helped Good Protein solve for the roadblocks faced in the past: 

Flexible Pricing and Promotions: Loop’s customizable pricing plans and promotion features provided Good Protein with the flexibility needed to execute tailored marketing campaigns and attract a broader audience effectively.

Enhanced Language Support: Loop supports multiple languages in its customer portal, allowing Good Protein to deliver a seamless experience to their diverse customer base and enhance brand loyalty.

Converting one-time buyers into long-term subscribers: By deploying Loop's widget on their website, Good Protein extends substantial discounts to one-time buyers, aiming to motivate them to convert into subscribers.

Loop Flows to incentivize subscribers: Good Protein heavily depends on Loop Flows to incentivize and engage their subscribers, offering complimentary gifts and additional discounts on their second through fifth orders.

Personalized Cancellation Flows: Loop enables Good Protein to implement personalized cancellation flows based on customer lifetime value (LTV), empowering them to optimize retention efforts and reduce churn effectively.

They added a progress tracker on the customer portal to inform subscribers about upcoming rewards. In doing so, they kept subscribers engaged and focused on the value of the subscription.

Their results? Churn dropped from 15% to 5.21% . The total number of orders before cancellation increased by 10%, which means even the subscribers who churned stuck around longer. All of this within 2 months after migrating to Loop.

Impact on Business Metrics

The transition to Loop has yielded significant improvements in key performance indicators for Good Protein:

Churn Reduction: Good Protein experienced a substantial decrease in churn rate, plummeting from 15% to approximately 5% after migrating to Loop. This remarkable reduction underscores the platform's effectiveness in enhancing customer retention strategies.

Subscriber Growth: Leveraging Loop’s robust features and customizable options, Good Protein achieved remarkable subscriber growth, increasing their subscriber base by 400% within four months. This rapid expansion demonstrates the platform's capability to drive business growth and expand market reach.

Key Differentiators of Loop:

  1. Customizable Pricing: Loop empowered Good Protein to design targeted pricing plans and promotions, optimizing their marketing strategy for subscriber acquisition.
  2. Multilingual Support: Loop's customer portal allows for seamless translation, ensuring a positive experience for Good Protein's French-speaking audience.
  3. Tailored Cancellation Flows: Loop's flexibility enabled Good Protein to personalize their cancellation experiences based on customer lifetime value, potentially winning back valuable subscribers on the verge of leaving.

Future Outlook

With Loop’s support and innovative features, Good Protein aims to continue its growth trajectory and surpass its subscriber targets. The company is optimistic about continued  increase in subscribers by the end of the year, leveraging the platform's customizable pricing and retention capabilities to fuel further expansion.


Good Protein's experience exemplifies the benefits of choosing a flexible and customizable subscription management platform like Loop. By overcoming the limitations of the previous service provider, Good Protein achieved significant churn reduction, explosive subscriber growth, and a strong foundation for achieving their ambitious goals. The ability to design custom pricing, cater to a multilingual audience, and personalize cancellation experiences proved to be key differentiators for Good Protein's success.