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Subscribing Now To Wild Foods’ Mission Of Saving World From Bad Science!

Wild Foods - a native Shopify brand furthered its mission of saving the world from bad science by switching from Recharge and subscribing to Loop!

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About Wild Foods

Colin, the founder of Wild Foods, is obsessed with truisms of health. He lives his life with the idea that humans of the modern age can reverse their failing health by switching to a lifestyle that’s more raw and wild. Taking a look at Wild Foods’ Shopify website, it's hard to not get tempted by its range of real foods sourced from small producers worldwide. 

Wild Foods’ Subscription Model

From Wild Matcha to Wild Black truffles, the brand sells everything that’s raw and organic. These superfoods are part of their consumers’ daily nutritional needs and are subscribed for regular deliveries.

Wild Foods till now had been using Recharge and was not was not happy with what they were being offered.

Hey Recharge, it’s not working out 🥺

Wild Foods had been using Recharge for almost 4 years and had lots of issues, some of the main ones which hampered the customer experience were:

  1. Unfriendly Subscriber Portal: The customer portal was not intuitive and customer friendly. It lacked flexibility and was not open to a lot of customisation from the brand.  
  2. Difficult Support: Recharge’s team took anywhere from 48-72 hours to respond to a support ticket. And if any brand is looking for support, it costs a bomb!
  3. Non-Native Shopify Checkout: An external checkout page is an extra step in the journey of a customer and leads to drop-offs. This is not how subscriptions should work. In an ideal scenario when a customer orders a subscription, they should have the option to checkout natively from the Shopify app itself instead of Recharge’s checkout page. 

All of the above reasons contributed to why subscriptions weren’t working so well for Wild Foods. 

Helping Wild Foods further its mission, Loop joined hands with them to provide their customers with a mind-blowing subscription experience (something we do better than Recharge) 

All aboard the Loop Ship!

We convinced Wild Foods that Loop was a better alternative to Recharge as we integrate with native Shopify checkout. Their customers could complete the entire subscription purchase on the Shopify store!

Migrating From Recharge Is Real Easy

Brands might feel that migrating from a legacy app like Recharge can take tons of time but Loop has perfected the art of migration with a great engineering & support team.

We completed Wild Foods’ migration from Recharge in just five simple steps:

  1. Discussed their existing setup on a 30-minute call and gathered all the information we needed to kickstart the migration.
  2. Wild Foods installed our app on their Shopify store and designed the subscription widget.
  3. We migrated all the payment information they had on Stripe directly onto our app.
  4. We set up integrations of Loop with two different Shopify apps - Attentive & Klaviyo to power SMS & E-mail marketing.
  5. Finally, we migrated all their subscriber information to the app. 

The migration process literally took just 16 hours

And that was it. We also went one step ahead and set up cancellation flows for Wild Foods to help them reduce subscription related cancellations immediately.

Customers Have Started To Love Loop!

Wild Foods is very happy post-migration. They are leveraging the power of a native Shopify checkout to improve the subscriber experience. The customers can easily use our intuitive customer portal to manage all product subscriptions in one go.

When customers stay happy, brands become happier because they can focus on their business instead of support tickets.

In the end, a good subscription experience always wins!

Are you also tired of Recharge app? Do you want to try a new-age subscription app that your customers will love? 

Explore our customer portal here!

Abel Leslie

Chief Migration Specialist at Loop Subscriptions

Hey, I handle all the migrations here at Loop. Hit me up if you have any questions related to Migrating from any Legacy subscriptions apps and I'd be happy to guide you through it.

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Wild Foods

Wild Foods - a native Shopify brand furthered its mission of saving the world from bad science by switching from Recharge and subscribing to Loop!
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