September 2022

Loop X Attentive's deep integration helps The Patch Brand reduce its subscription payment failures by 65%

Learn how this DTC supplement brand reduced its subscription related payment failures by 65% using Loop Subscriptions & Attentive's deep integration.


DTC brands don’t realise this but they can lose up to 20% of revenue to failed payments. Imagining reducing these failures at scale. This could easily add up to 1000s of dollars saved every month. 

Do you know how much your passive churn is? Read on to see how Patch Brand tracked its passive churn and reduced it big-time.

The Patch Brand - Helping you find your patch match

The Patch brand is an emerging DTC brand that has quickly gained a loyal customer base. It was founded by a group of friends that saw issues with supplements and decided to start a brand to tackle it. 

The Patch Brand has come up with a very innovative product that makes it easy for your body to absorb nutrients and makes you feel your best everyday. 

And what’s the best way to sell a vitamin patch? By building stunning product pages with subscription widgets that clearly stand out.

The Challenge: Payment failures resulting in revenue loss

Sustaining a successful subscription program involves a lot of moving parts. Along with a good subscription model, you also need a smart dunning management system that ensures high payment success rates.

The Patch Brand was getting a lot of payment failures on their subscription orders. Their subscribers were not aware that their credit card payments on subscription orders were not going through. 

The Solution: Loop X Attentive comes to the rescue!

With Loop & Attentive’s deep integration, Patch Brand set out to reduce their payment failure’s systematically. 

Patch Brand went into Loop’s backend and set up 5 failed payment retries. A powerful dunning management system built by Loop made this possible.

Next they had to figure out a way of communicating to subscribers as and when their payments failed.

This is what they did:

  • Patch Brand used Loop’s deep integration with Attentive to notify customers about their payment failures via SMS. 
  • The SMS text contained a one-click login link to Patch Brand’s otpless and passwordless customer portal (powered by Loop) where subscribers could update their payment information. 
  • The first sms sent by Patch Brand to their customers saw a high CTR of 12%.
  • This encouraged Patch Brand to send more SMSes for payment retries to their customers.

The Result: Payment failures reduced in no time

Patch brand started using the Loop X Attentive integration from 1st November, 2022.

Comparing the revenue lost due to payment failures between October 2022 & November 2022, Patch Brand was able to reduce payment failures by 65% and realise more than 94% of their revenue (for subscription orders). 

The CTR of the SMS campaign on failed payment was ~12% in just 1 month. Customers found it very convenient to use one-click logins to update their payment details via SMS. 

It all ends well for this wellness brands!

DTC brands like Patch Brand that use SMS as an engagement tool can make great use of Loop X Attentive’s deep integration to reduce their payment failures and realise higher revenue. 

Want to avoid revenue loss due to failed payments? Try out Loop X Attentive integration now!

Abel Leslie

Chief Migration Specialist at Loop Subscriptions

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