Nature's Harvest engages with subscribers through a long-term rewards strategy (Gifts & Discounts)

About the brand and subscription program

Nature’s Harvest is a popular UK natural dog food brand. They have a standard autoship subscription program. Dog food owners tend to have a fixed brand preference and stick to their product choice for a very long duration, usually years.

Automating rewards for long term engagement

To engage with their subscribers, Nature’s Harvest has setup a rewards strategy where they offer gifts & discounts at key order milestones:

1. Free gift every 5th order
2. 10% discount on 15th order, 30th order
3. 20% discount on 30th order, 60th order

The gift changes with every milestone. And the subscribers can also swap product variants within the ongoing subscription and still get these benefits.

How has Nature's Harvest set up rewards using Loop Flows for the entire subscriber journey?

Nature’s Harvest has set up multiple Loop Flows for engaging subscribers starting from the 5th order and extending till the 70th order.

The logic works in a very simple way. If the successful order count reaches the X count, then a discount type gets automatically activated on that order- Either as the free gift or a certain percentage discount

When the reward is a free gift, Nature Harvest gives a product SKU at 100% discount through Loop Flows.

And on rest of the milestones, Loop Flows has been setup to apply the discount percentage.

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