Migration from Recharge to Loop
Best free white glove migration service from Recharge or any other subscriptions app
We worked with Kurt Elster to migrate subscribers for Navage.com from BigCommerce to Shopify.
350+ DTC brands have migrated
350+ DTC brands successfully migrated
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Migrated 2 Million+ subscribers from 350+ Shopify Brands to Loop over 2 years

What is involved in
the migration process?
Add your existing subscription selling plans inside Loop.
Install Loop's subscription widget on your store
Setup email & SMS notifications for different subscription events.
Integrate Loop with different apps and send subscription event data.
Customize your customer portal to match your brand colours and style.
FAQs related to Step 1
How much time does it take for brands to set up Loop on their store?

In 95% of the migrations, it takes less than 2 weeks to fully set up Loop on your store and migrate all your subscriptions. If there are no complexities involved, then we can get you up and running in a week as well.

Can you help me replicate my subscription widget design while setting up Loop?

Yes! We can help you replicate a standard subscription widget design if you are on a paid plan. If you want any help with a custom subscription widget, we can put you in touch with our agency partners.

Why do you take collaborator access of a brand's store?

We follow a comprehensive installation checklist for perfect onboarding. Collaborator access allows us to ensure everything is set up correctly and also to jump in immediately if you face any issues.

Do you help setup integrations as part of migration?
Yes, we help you to set up integrations as part of the migration process. Your integration gets activated as soon as it is configured. Find all the apps that we integrate with here.
Payment tokens are first exported from the existing payment gateway.
Once payment tokens are exported, they are stored safely inside Shopify Admin as part of migration
We create a subscription contract for every subscriber inside Loop.
Map the payment token to that subscription contract.
FAQs related to Step 2
Do you store any critical payment information?

No, the critical payment information is directly stored in Shopify. We only have access to information like Customer name, card brand, billing address info, last 4 card digits, expiry year and expiry month

If I am migrating from an app that runs on Shopify native checkout, do I need to migrate payment tokens?

No. If you already use native Shopify checkout to process your payments, then we don’t need to migrate your payment tokens- It’s already stored within Shopify.

How does payment work post migration of tokens?

Whenever a new subscription order is processed by Loop, Shopify charges the payment token associated with the subscription contract.

What are the payment providers that you can migrate from

We can migrate from all payment gateways/provides given that they are supported by Shopify. Some of the popular ones are:
Shopify Payments, Stripe, Authorize.net, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Express.
In case your payment provider is not listed here, please feel free to get in touch and we can further evaluate if we can support them.

Migrate subscriber information from your existing app to Loop Subscriptions.
We create subscriptions inside Loop and then map subscription contracts to those subscriptions to make them active.
Once subscriptions are migrated, we take out an export of the different subscriptions-
Active, Cancelled and Paused and share it with the brand.
FAQs related to Step 3
What all apps do you migrate from?

We can migrate from all the apps present on Shopify app store- Recharge payments, Skio, Stay AI (Retextion) & Ordergroove.

We can also migrate subscriptions from other CMS - Wordpress, WooCommerce, Drupal and Magento.

Do our customers get to know that a migration is underway between existing app and Loop?

No. We provide a seamless white-glove migration process. Your customers won't know about it unless you decide to communicate with them or they experience an upgraded customer portal.

Which data points can be migrated to Loop?

We can migrate subscriptions with all the relevant data points provided by your previous subscription platform, like order count, charge date, frequency and much more, except the previous order details of a specific subscription.


Do you also migrate the cancelled and paused subscriptions?

Yes. We can migrate all your subscriptions present in active, cancelled, paused or expired state. This is only possible if your current subscription platform provides us with this information.

Subscriptions are cancelled on your existing subscription provider.
You can start checking new subscriptions on Loop
Subscriptions start getting processed by Loop.
You'll start seeing sales driven by Loop inside Shopify reports
FAQs related to Step 4
How can I ensure that all the subscribers have been migrated?

We generate and share a detailed migration report containing a one-to-one mapping of all the migrated subscriptions. We also provide a significant time window for cross-checking the data if you wish to. That's why we have been able to do 200+ successful migrations to date.

How do you ensure that double billing doesn't happen?

Subscriptions scheduled to be charged on the migration day are prone to double billing. We let your previous platform charge those subscriptions and then migrate it with the next charge date in Loop. We also cancel all the subscriptions on your previous platform once you verify the successful migration.

How soon does Loop Subscriptions start processing new subscriber information?

New subscriptions start coming in Loop as soon as the Loop subscription widget is installed on your store. That's why we do it in Step 1 so that no new subscriptions are being created on your previous platform while we are migrating.

When should I uninstall my previous subscriptions app?

As soon as the app is installed and setup on the store. That's why we do it in Step 1 so that the new subscribers are present on Loop Subscriptions

Step 1
Install and take collaborator access
Step 2
Migrate Payment Tokens
Step 3
Use APIs to
do batch-wise migration of subscriber information
Step 4
Cancel subscriptions on existing platform to avoid duplicate billing
Brands migrated in last 2 weeks
Post-Migration Onboarding
Go-live checklist
Verify subscription order creation
Verify subscriber details
Test subscriptions login page
Customer portal customisations
Verify customer portal actions
Verify Loop Flows
Exit survey customization
Cancellation flow customisation
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Biggest Migration Done From Recharge to Loop
"A great Shopify subscription app which is saving us thousands by migrating away from Recharge. They are also improving our customer experience and retention, and have been very hands-on in helping us."
- CEO, Livingood Daily
(migrated from Recharge with ~130k+ subscribers)
Save cost with
migration to Loop
Save more than $10000 every month on
transaction fees
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+ 0.75% transaction fee
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Payment Processors Supported
Frequently Asked Questions
Can you connect us with your other brands for references?

Yes! Depending on your scale, we can connect you with similar DTC brands. Our customers vary in terms of size of subscriber base- From brands with subscriber base as small as 100 to stores with subscriber base as large as 100,000+.

Do you migrate from other CMS apart from Shopify? 

Yes! We have migrated subscriptions from WooComerce, Magento, Wordpress and other CMS to Shopify

How do you coordinate with brand for migration process?

Whatever is comfortable for you as a brand- Email / Call / Slack.
For the best collaboration, we create a dedicated Slack channel with your team.

What's the biggest migration that you have done till date?

We have migrated more than 130K+ subscribers successfully in less than 2 weeks for DoctorLivingGood

Why do you offer a lower transaction fees as compared to Recharge, Bold and others?

There is just a simple thought process behind this decision: We are not only a subscriptions app. Consider us as your subscriptions growth consultant and partner. Compare Loop vs Recharge vs Bold

Can I also do self-migration to Loop?

Yes! If you would like to migrate your subscribers to Loop on your own, you can easily do that. We have made it very easy to migrate subscribers. All the details can be found here