Loop has built a smart subscription app which automates your everyday tasks and makes life of DTC founders easier. You can bulk reward your subscribers, handle out-of-stock situations, run reactivation campaigns plus much more.

8 Automation hacks to scale your DTC subscriptions (2024 Update)

Running a subscription business is pretty tough.

What if there was a way you could automate your daily tasks and save more time and money in return?

Here are 8 easy ways to simplify subscriptions operations for your DTC brand with Loop.

Tip No. 1 - Reward Subscribers En-Masse During Festivals & Events

Say that you have 4th July coming up next week and would like to reward your existing subscribers.

With Loop you can automatically add a reward to all upcoming subscription orders (processed before 4th July) as an Independence Day Gift.

This is possible with Loop’s Bulk Action feature where you can get a list of all subscription orders scheduled in say next week (or any duration) and automatically add a reward to them all.

Not just 4th July - reward subscribers on BFCM or Thanksgiving

You can also use bulk actions to give customers different kinds of rewards:

  • A discount can be custom configured say 10% for customers who’ve completed 1-10 orders and 20% for more than 10 orders.
  • You can add a free 4th July gift to their upcoming order
  • You can initiate a bulk product swap to replace their upcoming order with a special 4th July product trial

Features: Loop’s Bulk Action, Loop Flows

Tip No. 2 - Handle Out Of Stock Like A Pro

Consider a situation where a popular product of yours goes out-of-stock and you have multiple subscription orders waiting to be fulfilled in the upcoming days.

Bulk Actions in our subscriptions app can initiate a bulk product swap so you can swap the SKU that is out-of-stock with a similar product variant that is available.

Features: Bulk Action

Tip No. 3  Win Back Old Subscribers With Reactivation Campaigns 

Subscriber reactivation campaigns have the highest ROI.

If you’d like to win back your old customers, you can easily use Loop’s customer tagging feature which automatically syncs cancelled subscription + cancellation reasons with Recart, Klaviyo and Attentive.

You get ready-made customer segments, say people who cancelled because of “too much stock” or “too expensive” and you can hyper-target these segments.

For instance your reactivation mail for “too-much-stock” customers can be sent with a quick-action link to restart their subscription after 2-3 weeks.

Whereas customers who found your product “too expensive” to continue can be sent a mail with a one-time discount.

For SMS reactivation campaigns, integrate Recart SMS marketing automation with Loop Subscriptions to setup campaigns in less than a day.

Allowing these apps to communicate gives you an effective way to send timely and custom SMS in the moments most likely to reactivate.

Features: Customer Tags, Klaviyo/Attentive, Quick Action URLs

Tip No. 4 - Reduce Customer Tickets Massively

Handling customer support tickets for basic subscription requests like Skip or Swap can be tiring.

Loop’s customer portal makes subscriptions self-serving so your customers can skip, pause, delay, reschedule, merge or cancel their subscriptions in just 1-click.

They can also swap products, update address, change frequency or add discounts easily.

All these actions can be embedded as URLs which can be sent across all communication be it SMS or email.

Result ⇒ Cut down support tickets by 40%.

Feature: Customer Portal

Tip No. 5 - Merge Subscriptions To Save On Shipping

If your customers have 2 or more subscription orders due for delivery in the next (say) 7 days then you can use Loop’s Bulk Actions to auto-merge all these subscription orders.

This way they get delivered together to the customer and you get to save on shipping costs while adding to your customer’s convenience.

Loop was able to do this for a brand and over the next 4 months they saved over $130K in shipping.

Features: Bulk Actions, Merge Subscriptions

Tip No. 6 - Reduce Passive Churn With Automated Payment Reminders

Passive churn can hurt your business. But it can be reduced using smart dunning management.

If Loop finds that one of your customer’s card is about to expire then it can send them an automated SMS/E-mail - 7/14/30 days in advance to update their payment details.

From the SMS/E-mail, your customer can choose 1-click card update.

In case the payment fails then Loop retries the payment for you and also sends a 1-click card update SMS/E-mail after each payment retry.

Features: Payment Reminders, Klaviyo/Attentive

Tip No. 7 - Give Free Shipping To Selected Subscribers

If you want to give free shipping to all subscribers after just 2 deliveries then Loop Flows will come to your rescue by creating an intelligent flow that auto-applies a discount code after the 2nd order to enable free shipping.

Tip No. 8 - Use Smart Inventory Management To Never Go Out-of-Stock

Loop gives you a neat overview of how many units of each product have to be processed over the next 7, 30 and 60 days. 

With this information you can plan your stock and make sure that you are fulfilling your subscription orders on time.

In the situation that you do go out-of-stock for a particular subscriber, you can decide on behalf of the subscribers whether to delay the order or skip it.

Use these 9 automation tactics with Loop to save more time and money. Here is how we compare against Recharge in terms of an alternative when it come to automating workflows

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