Black Friday is that special time of the year where it makes perfect sense to reward your subscribers. Use Loop's 4 step strategy to mass reward your subscribers that have an upcoming order just before Black Friday.

Don’t forget your subscribers this Black Friday!

Black Friday is here. And as always there is a lot of noise on twitterverse on how you can acquire more new customers during this time. That is important and everybody knows that. But there’s not much talk about making your subscribers (the most loyal customers) happier this Black Friday.

And that makes us sad :( 

Subscribers are brands’ one true love! They have chosen you. They are the ones who will be sticking around for a long time. Now that Black Friday is here, don’t you feel it’s the right time to reward them for their exceptional loyalty?

Don’t worry. We’ve got a quick win for your DTC brand. The idea is to surprise your subscribers by applying an automatic discount to all subscription orders that will be processed in the next 30 days. Some of our most popular brands are doing this and reaping great returns. 

Here are 4 quick steps with which you can set this up on your store. 

1. Prepare a list of subscribers whom you want to reward 

First get a list of all the subscribers that have their delivery scheduled in the next 30 days. This list can be exported easily using just one filter from Loop’s upcoming payment section.

Simple filter fetches all subscription orders that must be fulfilled in next 30 days

2. Create a discount code in Shopify 

Once you have the list ready, your retention/operation managers can easily create a discount code in the Shopify app which gives their customers a certain %age discount or free delivery discount on their orders.

Loop’s native integration with Shopify eliminates any need to recreate the discount in the subscription app

3. Use Bulk Actions to auto-apply discounts

With the help of Bulk Actions*, brands can easily apply the discount code, say BF10CM to the entire list. Now on every order that will be shipped, this discount code will be automatically added and the subscriber will receive it at a holiday special discounted price.

*Note: Bulk actions are not currently available on the Loop UI, so please get in touch with Loop Customer Success or Support team to get this action done. Hardly takes 30 minutes to do so.

Bulk actions simplify updating discounts to multiple orders with just a single click

4. Send your subscribers a rewarding email

Use Klaviyo or your email marketing tool to send your subscribers an email telling them about the surprise discount they will receive on their next delivery. The best part is that your subscribers don’t even have to apply the discount manually. It’s added automatically to their next order. 

Klaviyo or any email marketing tool works well to inform customers about the discount

This not just helps in reducing churn, it goes a long way in increasing loyalty towards your brand!

5. Use emails to tempt your non-subscribers to convert into subscribers 

You can also send your one-time customers an email telling them the perks of subscribing during holiday season and offer them a discount code too if they agree to subscribe now. 

This tip can reap your returns even after Black Friday Cyber Monday. You can always entice your inactive subscribers or segmented customer base to again try out your products by sharing with them what discounts they are potentially missing out on.

6. Bonus Tip: Upsell subscription through your widget

Use our integration with GS Upsell app to upsell subscriptions directly on the product page before Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Wishing you success with this quick win. Good luck to you and your brand for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022.

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