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Loop completes 200+ migrations on Shopify 🎉

Win #1 - 200+ Migrations in < 12 Months

Loop since its inception saw strong interest from subscription-first DTC brands, most of which were using a legacy subscription app.

But legacy apps were ridden with outdated customer portals, slow support, and non-native Shopify checkout.

Loop solved these customer painpoints and emerged as a new-age Shopify subscription app that had advanced features built for running and scaling a modern subscription businesses.

Despite having very little noise on Twitter, the word quickly spread through word-of-mouth that Loop was the great new thing in the DTC industry.

And in no time we were successfully able to migrate over 200+ brands from legacy apps to Loop. 

While the majority of brands migrated from Recharge and chose us as a trust-worthy Recharge alternative, some of them also migrated from Bold & Skio.


Win #2 - Features That Stole Brand Hearts

Here are some of our most popular features that have become the talk of town in the DTCverse. We got an extremely positive response from our merchants and prospects alike just at the mention of these features and their possibilities.

  • Gamified Subscriptions & Rewards - Automate subscriber rewards completely - a free gift after 3rd order, a discount after 5th order, a product swap after 7th order and so on.
  • Prepaid Subscriptions - Improving merchant cashflow by taking upfront payment for all subscription orders and giving customers a higher discount in return.
  • Bundle Builder - Improving AOV with build-a-box subscriptions that takes just 30 minutes to set up. Buy more & save more. Gives customers more freedom to subscribe to boxes with products they love the most.
  • Customer Portal - Mobile first customer portal to reduce tickets and deliver exceptional customer experience. 
  • Cancellation flows - Best no-code cancellation flow builder with solid analytics and one-time discount option.
  • Powerful support - Dedicated CSM support who works with you to grow subscribers. (only available with Loop)


Win #3 - Scaling New Heights With Our Migrations 

Loop team took less than 2 hours on average migrating brands from legacy apps to Loop. We further calculated the total number of subscriptions that we migrated last year and the figure surprised us too!

Total Subscriptions Migrated (2022) = Over 1.1 Million

This shows the power of having a streamlined migration process that evolves over time.

With a 52-point checklist that included selling plans, integrations, customer portals, cancellation flows, and more, we were also able to wrap one of the biggest Shopify migrations.

Biggest Migration Done Till Date = Over 130K Subscriptions

This was done in about 19 days as our team undertook batch-wise migrations that did not impact existing subscribers and had zero impact on new subscribers.


Win #4 - Giving Partners Real-Time Feedback To Reduce Payment Failure

While subscription migration was one part of a merchant’s on-boarding, we also undertook a lot of payment migrations from Authorize to Stripe & Paypal.

These payment migrations and accompanying stats on Loop Analytics made us realise the importance of a good payment partner, to the extent that we undertook multiple payment migrations for the same brand to increase their payment success rate.


Win #5 - Shopify Brands Love Us!

Loop has been thriving with a 5-star rating and 119 reviews on Shopify. In most of our reviews, our merchants really recommend us for our 24x7 support and superfast migration.


Win #6 - Growth Post Migration

1500+ happy merchants have trusted Loop as their subscription partner in 2022. 

With our industry-best features like smart cancellation flows, easy subscription management, smart dunning management, brands have been able to scale & sustain their subscription programs while reducing their subscriber churn month-on-month.

Checkout our success stories here.


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P.S. We now support migrations for prepaid subscriptions too.

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