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7 Shopify retention marketing secrets that no 9-Figure DTC brand will tell you 🤫

Reducing churn rates is a formidable challenge, yet achievable with the right strategies. Discover seven expert recommendations from 8-9 figure DTC founders and retention leaders to effectively combat churn

Recommendation #1: Understand churn with Exit Surveys

When your subscriber churn is sky high, then as Nik Sharma - founder of Sharma Brands suggests, it’s wise to dive deep into why your subscribers are cancelling.

This is possible with a great customer survey.

With Loop you can set up an easy cancellation survey and understand the core reasons why your subscribers are cancelling.

You can also embed a Tik-Tok, Insta Reel, GIF or YouTube video to stop your customer from churning.

Recommendation #2 - Reduce cancellations by offering an alternative option

We agree with Eli Weiss (former Director of Experience @ Olipop) that skipping is much better than cancelling. Even better is to delay the order by 7 or 14 days.

Loop’s cancellation flow recommends different alternatives for different cancellation reasons.

  • Have too much stock ⇒ Delay, Skip or Pause Subscription
  • Not satisfied with product quality ⇒ Offer Product Swap
  • Too expensive to continue ⇒ Offer One-Time Discount

Yes, one-time discounts are perfectly possible with Loop. This is how the cancellation flow looks like:

Offer one-time discount to specific customers

Recommendation #3 - Dive deep into Cancellation Analytics 

As Natalie Sportelli (Head Of Content @ Thingstesting) shares from her personal experience as a subscriber, the core reason why she cancels her DTC subscription is ⇒ too much stock.

Getting into the intricacies of why your subscribers are churning is the first step towards preventing churn.

With Loop you get a nice and neat dashboard view of insightful subscriber churn data.

Loop's Churn Dashboard (GIF)

Recommendation #4 - Offer Skip, Delay & Reschedule options in Upcoming Order Emails 

This idea works so well because it’s so preemptive in nature. 

Loop also gives brands this option of sending “Skip”, “Delay” & “Reschedule” CTA buttons in upcoming order emails so that DTC customers can easily just click and edit their subscription before the next delivery.

Recommendation #5 - Gamify subscriber journeys to Reduce Churn

DTC retention is all about keeping the customer happy and excited. As Eli Weiss suggests, the idea is to reward subscribers progressively.

So a brand can set up subscriber rewards like a free gift on the second order, a 10% discount on the fifth order, a free product trial on the seventh order, a quick product swap on the tenth order and so on.

With Loop Flows you can do exactly this.

Takes just 30s to gamify subscriber rewards

You can also show your customer what reward awaits them on the customer portal. 

Gamifying rewards keeps your subscribers excited & engaged. Result ⇒ reduced churn.

Recommendation #6: Solve involuntary churn due to failed payments

One thing that’s worse than churn is involuntary churn i.e. churn arising due to failed payments.

A great dunning management system can solve for this by:

1. Setting up multiple payment retries in 2 different billing cycles to improve success rate

2. Sending automated alerts via email/SMS - 30, 14 and 7 days before an upcoming payment

3. Skipping/Pausing instead of cancelling a subscription after all payment retries fail

Smart Dunning Management In Action

Result ⇒ reduced passive churn.

Recommendation #7: Are you running any reactivation campaign?

Subscription reactivation campaigns have the highest ROI.

Loop integrates with Klaviyo & Attentive. With this integration, you can get a 1-click export of subscribers, each subscriber tagged with cancellation reason.

Then you can use this export in Attentive & Klaviyo to run personalised reactivation campaigns - and win your old subscribers back.

There are more strategies to reduce churn such as looking at customer churn as a cohort.

But these 7 tactics are a good starting point and are easily doable for all DTC brands.

How many of them are you currently using as a part of your retention strategy?

Reach out to us and set them all up. Reduce churn and save + software costs 🙂
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