Hotel Chocolat swaps starter kit and variants in first subscription order through automation

About the brand & subscription program

Hotel Chocolat is a publicly listed company on London Stock Exchange. Their mission is to make chocolate exciting again and to transform the way it is enjoyed. 

They have 126 stores in the UK and also have businesses in Japan and USA. They recently got acquired by the Mars Group

On their store, they run autoship subscriptions on their popular Velvetiser starter kit which is available in multiple varieties (product variants)

In the first subscription order, a customer has to buy the entire starter kit which includes 1 Velvetiser (Hot Chocolate Machine) and 40 Servings of Hot Chocolate.

For every subscription, the Velvetiser ships only in the first order. And then they send different flavours of Hot Chocolate Flakes in the subsequent orders that are at a discounted price


Automatically switching starter kit with Hot Chocolate flakes SKU

Using Loop Flows, they have set up a product swap workflow. When a new subscription is created with the starter kit in the subscription, they switch the starter kit with just the Hot Chocolate Flakes in the 2nd order

Same workflow for the other variants

They use the same Loop Flow to add the rest of the variants of the Velvetiser starter kit- Copper, Charcoal, White and Platinum.

The have setup just one Loop Flow to automate 5 possible different scenarios.

Surprising & delighting the customer in the 2nd order

Our Loop Flows enable brands to take multiple actions when subscription meets certain conditions.

The Hotel Chocolat Team uses the same Loop Flow to add different flavours of Hot Chocolate Flakes at a discounted price configured in their selling plan.

Gamifying a popular subscription model

Decoupling a starter kit is a popular subscription model across industries- Beauty, Supplements and others.

Hotel Chocolat have used Loop Flows to gamify the model by sending different flavours of their complimentary SKU in the second and upcoming orders.

Visit their store here.

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