Get Into Limelight automatically switches one-time starter pack subscription with final SKU

About the brand and subscription program

Get Into The Limelight is a beauty brand that sells DIY tanning products. Over the years, it has grown into a global brand with products sold in Ricky's NYC and Macy's as well as boutiques and spas across the US and Canada.

They use starter packs as a way of establishing a great first time customer experience and reduce the friction of customers signing up for subscription.

The starter pack consists of a main product SKU (such as their popular product Ultra Dark Sunless Tanning Mousse) and a set of accessories (Luxury Self-Tanning Applicator Mitts).

Why switching from the starter pack to the main SKU makes sense after the first order?

The starter pack gives a sneak peek into the effectiveness and experience of the actual product.

How product swap works in Loop Flows?

Once the customer purchases this starter pack, after the first delivery it is swapped by the main SKU.

From the second order, they receive only the individual SKU and not the additional accessories.

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