The Patch Brand incentivizes longer subscriptions by unlocking free shipping after 2nd order

About the brand & subscription program

The Patch Brand sells vitamin-infused patches. These patches are used for sleep, energy, focus, calm and other daily activities. They offer a bundle pack as the first product in the subscription order. This bundle pack separates into individual product SKUs on completion of the first order. Here is how they automate this flow.

Logic behind Free Shipping after 2nd order

The Patch Brand used the cancellation analytics inside Loop to come up with an interesting insight- Most of the cancellations were happening right after the 1st order.

As an incentive for ongoing subscriptions, they decided to offer free shipping from the second order onwards (irrespective of the Country/Region)

How Loop Flows helps them automate this switch from shipping costs to Free shipping delivery? 

They have created an automation flow inside Loop that whenever two subscription orders of a particular subscriber are completed,

a discount code LOOPSHIP (managed in Shopify) is automatically applied to the third order.

Loop Flows creates a segment of all those subscribers. When these subscribers login into their portal to manage their upcoming order, they are able to see that this discount has been automatically applied

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