Before migrating to Loop, S'moo was dealing with high churn rate. Churn had to be reduced to increase profits. We worked with the S'moo team to bring down the cancellation rate.

Published on
17 September 2023
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About S’moo - Helping women achieve optimal hormonal balance

S'moo is a women's health brand focused on balancing hormones, while in turn, improving mood, energy, skin, hair health and more! 

With an AOV of ~ $55, S'moo’s top products like Ovary Good have helped women everywhere achieve optimal hormonal balance and feel their best selves again, from the inside-out.

smoo's store home page

Before migrating to Loop (trusted as one of Recharge's top alternatives), S'moo was dealing with a very high churn rate ~12%.

This was a source of high revenue loss.

decrease in churn rate on Smoo Co's store

Solution: Reducing churn with Loop's cancellation flows

Reducing churn for S'moo meant setting up a smart cancellation flow that would reduce churn rates. This was the process:

1. Setting up a smart cancellation flow

S'moo set up an exit survey at the time of cancellation with these 6 different reasons- Not satisfied with the product quality, No longer need the product, Already have enough stock, Too expensive to continue, Want a different product or variety.

different reasons for cancellations on Smoo Co's store

Against each reason they also set up an alternative to cancellation: Swapping or skipping or delaying the subscription.

Show alternative action on selecting a particular cancellation reason

S’moo went one step ahead and embedded a GIF in the subscription benefits screen. This way whenever someone tried to cancel the subscription, they were shown this GIF.

They reminded subscribers of their existing subscription benefits. They have access to lowest pricing forever.
If they decided to cancel the subscription, they might lose on this benefit.

setting up a GIF inside the cancellation flow

3. Finding the reasons for cancellation

If the subscribers still decided to continue with the next steps in cancellation, an exit survey popped up asking them the reason for cancellation: 

setting up exit survey inside Loop's portal

4. Offering product swap as an alternative instead of cancelling

If someone selected that they wanted a different product or variety as the reason behind their cancellation, then the customer was offered the option to swap the product instead of cancelling.

checking the different actions taken against a product swap

1. Churn rates reduced by ~ 40% in less than 2 months

S’moo was able to reduce its churn rate from 11% to 7% from mid-October to mid-November.

change in overall churn rate of Smoo Co

2. 3% Cancellations Prevented 

Using the swap option, S’moo was able prevent 3% of their total cancellations.

It took just 2 months to reduce S’moo’s cancellations by ~ 40% with a logical flow

Reducing cancellations is easy when you have deep insights into customer activity. 

Understanding the major cancellation reasons and offering alternatives against them results in reduced churn and saved revenue.

Try out Loop’s cancellation flows today.