How TruHeight Grew Its Subscriber Base by 314% in 12 Months

Published on
17 September 2023
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Frustrated with subpar technical support, TruHeight made the switch from Bold to Loop in 2023. They were ready to scale fast, and it was past time to address their attrition numbers. They also wanted to gamify the subscriber journey with Loop’s best-in-class personalized flows. Their decision to switch paid off, as their active subscriptions soared by 314% within 12 months.

About TruHeight

Founded in 2019, TruHeight began as a way to bring nutrition to growing children and teens to help them reach their true height potential. Backed by over 11K raving reviews, this passionate brand has helped over 1 million children and teenagers stand taller through innovative nutrition in just five years. 


  1. Poor support from the previous subscription provider: TruHeight did not receive prompt support from their previous subscription app, leading to delayed issue resolution for their customers. This prevented their team from delivering the tier-1 brand experience necessary for scaling their operations. The prolonged wait times directly impacted TruHeight, resulting in customer churn, loss of recurring revenue, and an overwhelming influx of support tickets.
  1. Less flexibility: Integrating a subscription management platform means its performance reflects your own. When TruHeight hosted subscriptions on Bold, customers needed help in making simple updates like changing credit cards, pausing subscriptions, or modifying addresses. This lack of self-service options was hampering the customer journey. TruHeight's leadership wanted to solve this. They sought to empower their customers to customize and manage their subscriptions seamlessly.
  1. Churn due to customers’ expectations for immediate results: One of the main reasons why TruHeight was witnessing churn was that customers would cancel supplement subscriptions because results take time to start rolling in. Today, immediate results are the norm; without a quick fix, they hop from one supplement to another. However, TruHeight’s team understood meaningful health improvements come from sustained efforts over some time. That’s why they took to customizing their customer portal to set realistic expectations. 
  1. High payment failure rate: Payment failures turn your business into a leaky bucket. Before switching to Loop, TruHeight lost a significant chunk of its revenue to failed card payments. They needed a robust dunning management system to maximize revenue. 

Loop’s Solution

They found all their solutions all-in-one through Loop.

  1. Smart Dunning Management: TruHeight implemented a smart dunning system to make sure subscribers never miss out. Friendly reminders went out when payment details needed updating, and if a charge ever failed, the system would retry it later automatically. In 6 months, their realized revenue increased by 20%.
  1. Customer Portal: Loop’s no-code, fully customizable customer portal was developed with one goal in mind: better customer experience. TruHeight took its customer portal to the next level with Loop after extensive custom implementations. They showcased social proof through testimonials and user-generated content, educated their customers, and even featured a custom upsell section. Additionally, every aspect was customized to align with their brand identity, creating a cohesive and engaging experience for customers.

Leaving no stone unturned, they also conveyed upcoming rewards using the banner,  keeping their customers engaged.

  1. Cancellation flows: Lastly, they set up cancellation flows. Through the quick exit survey, TruHeight could find out and address the reasons for cancellations. For each cancellation reason, they offered alternative options like skipping, swapping, or pausing subscriptions, effectively reducing the cancellation rate.


After all these implementations, the results spoke volumes. 

  • A customer portal that is customized, gamified, and solving for retention. 
  • 314% increase in active subscriptions 
  • 82% payment update rate through quick actions
  • Won back 10% of churning customers through cancellation flows
  • Recovering 17% of their lost revenue MoM through dunning management